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With experience for over three decades, STEGO has evolved into a leading manufacturer in the field of climate control of enclosures and appliance cabinets. 

STEGO thermal management products are safe, reliable, efficient and integration friendly. As a result, you get an innovative, durable solution which in turn adds value to your own product, which is simply innovative and better for sure.

STEGO temperature and humidity control systems are the recognised original in the market and thus the “go to” reference for thermal management.

The development is combined with innovation and innovative thinking, resulting in products with outstanding design and usability - a leading brand:

  • Specialised manufacturer
  • Reliability
  • Innovative design and user-friendly function
  • Large product portfolio

STEGO is DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009 certified, for continuous optimization of the quality management system. 

STEGO is located with manufacturing and headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall in southern Germany. The company was founded in 1980. 

Example products from STEGO: 

Thermostats and hygrostats are the products that handle the regulation of heaters and filter fans to the right climate. These can also be used to control warning equipment. 

STEGO has developed a large range of convection heaters and fan heater combinations, such as; Integrated thermostats for easy use, insulated heat source to avoid burns and protect other sensitive products in the appliance cabinet. 

Filter fans 
The FPI/FPO filter fans have a special design to optimally cool / ventilate the cabinet with high reliability and reliability. The new ‘Air Flap’ technology improves air flow and allows longer intervals between service, lower noise level and less depth of field inside the appliance cabinet. 

STEGO has been very innovative in its development of lighting. A number of years ago, LED025 were launched, which has become a true top seller in the market. Thanks to ease of assembly and installation, real light intensity and reliability.

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