Ironless DC Motors

With an ironless rotor winding these motors have a very low rotational inertia compared to conventional DC motor designs, as a result, they can deliver far higher acceleration along with excellent low speed characteristics with no cogging present.

They are ultra compact, with sizes down to just 8mm diameter in the brushed coreless motor range. All these motors offer a level of power density and torque that cannot be achieved with a conventional DC motor architecture.

The MOONS’ portfolio offers two ranges covering brushless and brushed options – the EC Series (Slotless BLDC motors) and the DC Series (Coreless Brushed DC motors).

Encoder and gearbox options are available on request, if required.


Drive wheels AGV's AMR'S
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Wheel motor drives for AGVs

AGV drive wheel motors cover a wide range of options – from a miniature unit on a small 20kg robot, tasked to move on a perfectly level and smooth indoor surface, up to passenger vehicle-sized robots working outside over fields and varying terrain.

electro pneumatic control box customised bespoke solutions
Case studies

Case Study - Electro Pneumatic Control Box

At OEM Automatic, we can supply a series of components for your one project. All under one roof. This case study discusses how we supplied several components for our customer's new electro-pneumatic control box. 

Technosoft motion control IPOS drives
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Intelligent drives by Technosoft

Technosoft specialise in developing intelligent drives and certainly live up to the term 'intelligent’, by combining a powerful motor and motion controller to implement complex movements.

highly efficient, outrunner-design servomotors thanks to Simplex Motion
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Simplex Motion Servomotors

The Simplex Motion integrated servomotor is a brushless DC motor with integrated electronics and outrunner rotor. You can now browse Simplex Motion servomotors on our website.

Oriental Motor has signed a distribution deal with Leicester-based OEM Automatic
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Oriental Motor signs distribution deal with OEM Automatic

One of the leading names in motors and drives, Oriental Motor, has signed a distribution deal with OEM Automatic. OEM Automatic can support customers, especially where an AC or Brushless DC (BLDC) motor has been discontinued or proving hard to source.

OEM Automatic currently offers PMW’s range of standard pancake motors, as well as its bespoke design service.
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Get to know PMW Dynamics

OEM Automatic currently offers PMW’s range of standard pancake motors, as well as its bespoke design service. PMW’s motor portfolio caters for customers requiring both brushed and brushless configurations, supplied as housed or frameless, for both geared and direct drive applications.

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