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Cable Ferrules

Conta Clip offer a wide range of cable ferrules, also known as Boot Lace ferrules, for terminating cables ends.
There are many benefits for using cable ferrules on cables

Stray Strands

The ferrule reduces the possibility of having stray strands of conductor that could easily cause a short circuit in neighbouring connections.

Due to the construction of the ferrule, the strands are guided into pin, then when crimped the strands will no longer be able to seperate.

Repeatable Termination

In applications where the cables could be removed and re-terminated, such as replacing components within a Panel, stranded cables can soon break down.  This could lead into to the installer having to cut and strip the existing cable in a confined space. The cable ferrule protects the cable and makes it easier to re-insert in to the terminals.

The range includes insulated ferrules for single and dual cables, along with a range of non-insulated if required.

For easy recognition of the correct ferrule size to use for each cable, the insulated range are colour coded.

There are 3 colour standards being used in industry, which all differ slightly: -

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