Hygienic Door Handle

Conta-Clip set themselves the task of contributing to overcoming the coronavirus crisis and spread of other infections, so to prevent spread of infection, developed the HYDH (Hygienic Door Handle). With the HYDH you don’t have to use your hand to open a door, you can use your elbow or your forearm. It’s quickly and easily attached to an existing door handle and no tools are required. The hygienic handle is available, from OEM Automatic in 9 different colours, each unit contains 1 x hygienic door handle, 2 x tamper proof clips, 1 x illustrated manual, 1 x self-adhesive sticker. Everyone uses door handles, therefore there is likely a particularly strong germ infestation here, particularly in public places, increasing risk. The aim of the HYDH is to reduce transmission possibilities of, for example, corona and flu viruses and bacteria, easily and effectively in all areas.
OEM Automatic is very pleased to be playing a part in bringing this useful device to the British and Irish markets. See more information about the HYDH including mounting instructions, benefits and a useful video from Conta-Clip.

More information about Hygienic Door Handle


  • Time-saving mounting - The quick and straightforward installation guarantees tool-free mounting of the HYDH onto any door handle.
  • Flexibility - The HYDH can be mounted on the door, left or right hinged, as required. Suitable for a wide range of different door handles.
  • Hygienic design - The robust material of the HYDH is resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • Manipulation protection - the toolless mounting of the tamper-proof clamps protects the HYDH from tampering and theft.

Mounting Instructions
Step 1 - Attachment by snapping on the end of the door handle facing the cliprosette.
Step 2 - Fixing by snapping on the front surface of the door handle.
Step 3 - Attachment of the tamper protection clamps to the provided hooks.
Step 4 - Applying the sticker on the door opener or optionally on the door.

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