Connectors and IO Connection Systems

Cable assemblies support reliable connections across almost every industry. Thanks to Molex's comprehensive design, manufacturing and testing expertise spanning numerous cable and wire harness technologies and further enhanced by their globally integrated supply chain capabilities, Molex helps customers streamline production time, optimize quality and reduce the need for expensive tooling.

We offer a complete range of connection systems consisting of distribution boxes, overmoulded connectors, field attachable connectors and receptacles. These parts can be used together to design a full connection system from small stand alone machines to large complex production lines with multiple pieces of machinery.
  • M8 and M12 connector sizes
  • Standard cordsets includes 3,4,5 pole in M8 and 3,4,5,8 in M12
  • Built to IEC standard
  • IP67
M8 fully groated cable straight female

M8 Connectors

Molex's Brad Nano-Change (M8) industry standard connectors are rugged, space-saving, sealed connectors for miniature sensors and actuators in industrial control applications. <ul><li>Male or Female, 3 pin or 4 pin connectors <li>Large range of lengths <li>Straight or right angles connectors <li>PVC or PUR material <li>Open ended wires or double ended connectors</li></ul>
M12 connector, over moulded cable

M12 Connectors

Molex's Micro-Change industry standard connectors are rugged, compact, sealed connectors used for sensor/actuator connectivity in industrial control applications. <ul><li>Male or Female, 3, 4, 5, and 8 pin connectors <li>Large range of lengths <li>Straight or right angles connectors <li>PVC or PUR material <li>A range of field attachable connectors <li>Open ended wires or double ended connectors</li></ul>
Ultralock connector

Ultralock ™ Connectors

Molex Brad Ultra-Lock Connectors incorporate a mechanical locking design and a unique radial-seal that deliver unsurpassed performance. The patented push-to-lock technology provides a simple and secure operator-independent connection. This positive locking design provides built-in reliability that eliminates connector related intermittent signals in the harshest environments. Fewer intermittent signals mean less downtime and better productivity. The unique radial o-ring seal design, similar to what is found in hydraulic connectors, provides a more robust protection against water ingress even in high-pressure wash-down environments. Molex Ultra-Lock products include Ultra-Lock cordsets and splitters, panel mount receptacles that accept both Ultra-Lock as well as traditional M12 threaded cordsets, and a range of Ultra-Lock molded, pre-wired passive distribution boxes that simplify wiring of I/O devices. The rugged, IP69K Stainless Steel MPIS® Distribution Box featuring Ultra-Lock connections, withstands corrosive, high-pressure washdowns in Food and Beverage and other sanitised plant-floor applications.
1xM12 male connector - 2xM12 female connector, in-line splitter

In-line Splitter Connectors

Molex Brad Y-Splitter connectors for industrial use. Molex connectors provide an ideal interconnect solution for heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications. Molex offers a wide range of standard-sealed and custom-sealed interconnect systems.
Jumper cable M12 to M12

Jumper Cables

Micro-Change (M12) and Nano-Change industry standard double ended connectors and connection cables are rugged, compact, sealed connectors used for sensor/actuator connectivity in industrial control applications. <ul><li>Male or Female connectors <li>Large range of lengths <li>Straight or right angles connectors <li>PVC or PUR material</li></ul>
M12 ethernet cable

Ethernet Cabling

Industrial Single-Pair Ethernet Connectors and Cable Assemblies afford the standard T1 industrial interface and single-twisted-pair cabling to make Ethernet connectivity easy and affordable, support miniaturization and enable the transmission of data from the cloud to devices and sensors. <ul><li>D-coded M12 connectors for Ethernet <li>Screened PROFINET Cat5e cable <li>Several big protocols <li>Halogen and silicone free cable</li></ul>
IO board active center

IO Boards

The Brad Harrison splitter box facilitates connection and control of inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, solenoid valves, pressure switches, limit switches, etc. LED indication and large, clear rating plates permit fast function control and reduce troubleshooting time in the event of stoppages.
Datalogic IO-Link Master CBX-8IOL

IO-Link Master

CBX-8IOL is a versatile active master exchange for IO-Link. As a gateway with built-in OPC-UA technology, it combines the advantages of both IO-Link and Ethernet-IP, Profinet and Modbus in one and the same product series with two variants for suitable bus systems. With CBX-8IOL, no PLC is integrated into the system, which reduces hardware and software costs. IO-Link data can be sent by an IO-Link product directly to any SCADA or HMI software system. The unique and integrated WEB server technology enables users to connect to IO-Link products with only one Ethernet-based device and use all commercial browsers, set up and read sensor parameters efficiently.


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