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Motor Drives

The word drive is often only associated with servo, brushless or stepper motors, these can be complex devices.

A much easier to programme yet still versatile drive and motor combination will often suffice. Speed, position and torque can all be controlled with relatively simple drives with repeatable indexing, accurate speed holding, torque limiting amongst many features, alongside multi I/O on board for logic control of other devices.

These features are available on Minimotor, Crouzet, Panasonic and other products available from OEM. We also stock DSP drives, with highly tuneable drives from Technosoft for precise control of any motor once its characteristics are given to the software.

The standard brushed DC motor from Electromen offers control of speed, direction, current, and position. Entry model drives with resettable over current protection can save engineer’s time during a fault scenario and often prove more cost-effective when compared to fuses.

Common applications.

  • Brushed DC motor control – basic over current trip to full speed, direction and current protection.
  • Conveyors – speed control easily adjusted with potentiometer or remote input.
  • Indexing machines – move a set distance every time a signal is given.
  • Linear actuator drive – Protect the motor against running into a dead stop.
  • Lifting platforms - synchronise two DC gear motors to stop crabbing motion.
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