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Case Study - Electro Pneumatic Control Box

At OEM Automatic, we can supply a series of components for your one project. All under one roof. This case study discusses how we supplied several components for the customers electro-pneumatic control box.

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A project was presented to us, with the need to develop specialised electro pneumatic control boxes. OEM Automatic provided and assembled several products to create the electro pneumatic control boxes - all under one roof! 

OEM Automatic provides an array of industrial automation components, and with it’s Bespoke Solutions service, can work to create a whole solution. The aim of our Bespoke Solutions service is to not only simplify purchasing processes, but also optimise production processes and save valuable time, resources and production space.

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About Electro-Pneumatic Control Boxes

An electro pneumatic control box is a system that integrates electrical and pneumatic components, providing a streamlined solution for industrial control applications. A control box can typically consist of terminals, cable connectors, valves, sensors and more.

The Requirement:

The customer approached OEM Automatic with the need to create an electro-pneumatic control box that combined various functionalities. The customer was looking to simplify their purchasing process, where they could purchase under 1 part number all from 1 supplier. The customer required high quality, highly efficient components.

Case studies

OEM Automatic’s solution:

OEM Automatic initiated a comprehensive solution by collaborating across departments to select the required components. The process involved:

  1. Selling Standard Components: The initial step was providing the customer with standard panel components to meet their immediate needs.
  2. Requirement Discussion: An in-depth meeting was conducted to understand specific requirements and expectations.
  3. Sample Creation: OEM Automatic crafted a sample control box, demonstrating the potential of our Bespoke Solutions service.
  4. Part Specification: After customer feedback, OEM Automatic specified all the required parts for the assembly, ensuring seamless integration.
  5. Customer Testing: The prototype underwent rigorous testing by the customer to guarantee functionality and performance.
  6. Approval and Order: Following successful testing, the customer approved the design, leading to an order for 50 pieces.

The customer supplied us with the metal work and OEM Automatic supplied the control box, we used components from our well esteemed suppliers that include sensing components, valves, and other components within the control box.

Electro pneumatic control box

Products Used:

The electro pneumatic control box was assembled using a combination of OEM Automatic’s high-quality components, including:

Electro pneumatic control box

OEM Automatic successfully met the requirements for an electro-pneumatic control box solution.

This case study highlights not only the diverse range of products available, but also our dedication to providing tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and convenience for industrial applications.

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