Vision Cameras

Machine vision cameras are used to inspect and analyse objects automatically in an industrial or production environment. The data collected can then be used to control a process or manufacturing activity. Machine vision cameras can be used in many applications to check the position of something, colour, size, shape or whether an object is there or not. As well as look at and decipher a standard 2D barcode and even printed characters.
With a comprehensive range of Machine Vision Cameras from Sony, Basler and Datalogic, featuring 3D cameras, area scan, embedded, IP cameras and Line scan cameras OEM Automatic can offer a camera to suit almost any application.
OEM Automatic supplies cameras to capture 2D images in mono and colour, 3D images and also the innovative polarised cameras to detect the direction of reflected light.
Our extensive range from leading suppliers, includes GigE, USB, CoaXpress, CameraLink & Bcon (LVDS & MIPI) interfaces, resolutions from VGA to 20MP, rolling and global shutters and monochrome or colour options.
We also offer a strong range of smart cameras, which offer a camera and a computer in the same device.
If you have any questions on cameras for machine vision applications please feel free to contact us.
Sony XCG-CG160 GigE camera

Area Scan Cameras

The majority of applications for image acquisition use area scan cameras, the sensors used in these types of cameras have a large matrix of pixels to allow for 2D images to be generated in one exposure cycle. There are different interfaces to consider when selecting an area scan camera, with various interfaces available from our suppliers, Datalogic, Sony and Basler, suitable for all types of applications. GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) is a universally applicable digital interface, GigE vision standard mean there is a high degree of standardisation, so GigE cameras can be easily integrated into all image processing applications. With cable lengths up to 100 meters and compatibility with multi-camera set ups. (Basler Ace, Ace 2, and Ace MED, Sony XCG and XCG Polarized and Datalogic M-Series) USB3.0 interface is notable for its high transfer bandwidth and real-time compatibility and is completely plug and play ready. USB3.0 is becoming a major interface for industrial, medical and mass market applications. (Basler Ace, Ace 2, Ace MED, Pulse, and Dart and Sony XCU) CameraLink interface cameras are specifically designed for industrial applications so can handle large amounts of data easily and securely, currently the recommended standard interface for data rates is from 100MB/s to 800MB/s. (Basler Ace and Beat, Sony XCL) CoaXPress interface (CXP), unlike other interfaces, requires an interface card, however it can transfer large data volumes at high transmission speeds across long distances, which is valuable in certain applications offering possibilities for high sophisticated image processing solutions. (Basler Boost) OEM Automatic supply area scan cameras from Basler, Datalogic & Sony, the range includes cameras to capture 2D images in mono and colour and the innovative polarised cameras to detect the direction of reflected light. Our extensive range from leading suppliers, includes GigE, USB, CoaXpress, CameraLink & Bcon (LVDS & MIPI) interfaces, resolutions from VGA to 61MP, rolling and global shutters and monochrome or colour options.
Basler Racer Line Scan Camera

Line Scan Cameras

A line scan camera has the ability to read image data one line at a time, meaning it doesn’t observe the image as a whole. The benefit of this seamless recording stye means it reviews images precisely line by line, allowing for inspections of over-long objects or even endless webs of material. The Basler Racer line scan camera is highly sensitive and well suited for applications that require both high speed and high image quality. Available in monochrome, with various resolutions and GigE or Cameralink interface. The Basler racer is especially well suited for the following applications: • Web inspections (such as films, paper, cotton, textiles) • Sorting & packaging (such as refuse, postal mail, foodstuffs, packaging) • Transport-related applications (such as underfloor, rail, overhead line and container inspections)

Mirrorless Cameras

A range of prestigious Sony mirrorless cameras, with interchangeable lenses, for specialist industrial applications. These cameras can only be supplied to customer using Sony's SDK for integration into inspection systems or third party products. 12.1 to 61 Megapixel Full frame and APS-C High image quality SDK for industrial applications Mirrorless cameras are ideal for specialist industrial or OEM applications requiring high resolution or high dynamic range images for inspection and quality control. Sony's Mirrorless cameras are only available specifically for industrial applications. If you have an industrial application and require a mirrorless camera contact our Machine Vision & Code Reading [email protected] or call us on 0116 284 9900.
Sony FCB ER 4K block camera

FCB Cameras

Sony’s FCB block cameras provide superb picture quality, combined with simple operation and a high level of flexibility. High dynamic detector ranges, inbuilt image stabilisation and a variety of third-party interface options, makes the Sony FCB range the perfect choice for applications including drones, surveillance and traffic monitoring. To discuss your camera or interfacing options with one of our specialists, please email <a href=mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]</a>, call 0116 284 9900 or <a href=>request a video meeting</a>.

Smart Cameras

In a compact and robust housing, our P, A and T Series smart cameras are designed for demanding, industrial applications. All our cameras offer integrated processing, LED lighting, modular optics as well as industrial data interfaces via Profinet and ETHERNET/IP along with the usual digital I/Os.
Datalogic SVS smart vision sensor straight connector

Smart Sensors

Vision sensor with simple user-friendly software that has flexible tools for quality control, identification, and positioning. The Vision camera is complete with optics, LED lighting and electronics in a compact housing. The software is attached to the vision sensor and guides the user step by step through the parameter setting.


S3N miniature contrast sensors
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Installation and integration partners

OEM Automatic works in close co-operation with a select team of integration partners to offer design, installation, and commissioning of bespoke machine vision and code reading solutions to suit your specific application.

Datalogic blade barcode reader new
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Basler Boost Area Scan Camera
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8 Benefits of The Basler Boost CoaXpress Camera

At OEM Automatic, we understand the importance of having the latest technology to enhance your processes. Our cameras have advanced features, ensuring excellent image quality even at high data rates, thanks to the integration of CoaXPress 2.0 and modern CMOS sensors.

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