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About UV Imaging

At OEM Automatic, we are experts in camera technology, ready to explore its capabilities and applications from a technological standpoint. UV (Ultraviolet) technology is a great solution for viewing complex imagery and inspecting what can't be seen with the naked eye. 

The latest Basler Area Scan Camera, the Ace 2 X UV, features the Sony IMX 487 sensor and is specially developed for the UV range! Read on to learn about UV imaging and its technicalities.

About UV imaging

UV imaging is designed to capture the UV spectrum, expanding the capabilities of imaging systems. Equipped with UV image sensors, our cameras provide special insights that ordinary cameras with visible light cannot achieve. When combined with compatible UV lenses and lighting, these cameras excel, offering unique advantages such as distinguishing visual differences among materials that may look similar under visible light.

For instance, in raw material sorting, UV cameras are indispensable, leveraging their capability to see beneath the surface that visible light cannot penetrate. To grasp this concept, it's essential to understand the principles of UV light and how it differs technologically from visible light.

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Read our full whitepaper to find applications in UV imaging. Below are a few application examples:

Detection of fine scratches and metal plates

Using the scattering nature of UV light identifies scratches not seen with the naked eye. This is useful when detecting fine scratches on semi conductors and in battery films. 

Observation of microscopic objects

Using high optical resolution of the UV light captures miniscule objects. The ultraviolet light combined with the Ace-2 resolution makes this possible.

Sorting transparent plates

A more diverse range of inspections can be conducted by leveraging UV transmittance. UV imaging enables identifying materials like this, which arent recognisable under visible light. This is the same concept for verifying banknotes, which have various materials used in them. 


The Ace 2 x UV

  • UV spectrum wavelengths from 0.2 µm to 0.4 µm
  • Highly sensitive thanks to Sony IMX487 Pregius S UV sensor & more
  • Small design OF 29MM X 29MM housing
  • UV accessories
  • GigE, USB 3.0 and 5GigE Interfaces
  • SLP features
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Durability and reliability
ace 2 uv area scan

UV Lenses

As well as offering this UV camera, we also offer UV lenses for high quality imaging!

  • 2/3" Sensor Format
  • 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 75mm Focal Lengths
  • C-mount Mount
  • 155mm Minimum Working Distance
azure uv lenses

You can download a whitepaper on UV imaging for more technical information! Or speak to our machine vision experts by emailing [email protected] or calling 0116 284 9900.

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