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Our services

Customer support

Our customer support team are available to offer a fast and efficient service to our customers when placing orders, checking delivery times/order status etc.  They are also in close contact with our product specialists who can answer technical queries and application specific questions.

We are available from 08:30 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Efficient logistics

Our 1000m2 warehouse facility in Whetstone now benefits from four 'state of the art' vertical storage lifts. The lifts have a floor footprint of only 12m2 each but amazingly provide us with more than 1000m2 of shelf storage space. The storage lifts increase efficiency, accuracy and provide extra capacity for growth.

We currently hold more than 8,000 articles in stock enabling our customers to receive next day delivery if the order is received before 16:00 hours.

Added value

Often we can provide our customers with a little bit extra in addition to our standard off the shelf product.  We call this service 'Added Value' and below are a few examples:

  • Pressure switches pre-set and marked
  • Connectors and cables fitted to sensors, switches and motors
  • DIN rail assemblies
  • 'Kits' of parts bagged or boxed and labelled with customers own reference number
  • Pre-drilled enclosures
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