Heavy Equipment Vision

Across all industries, vehicle and machine blind spots are a major safety concern due to their size. Near miss situations and safety incidents can all occur due to restrictions caused by driver position, absent rear windows and bulkheads that limit a driver or operator’s visibility.
Orlaco’s reliable and robust camera and radar based monitoring systems offer massively improved visibility. Allow in vehicle viewing of loads, tooling, trailers and blind spot. Improving safety and increasing productivity.
OEM Automatic offers a range of standard kits for all types of lorries, trucks, cranes, tractors and agricultural vehicles, excavators and heavy plant equipment, rail and maritime applications. We also provide bespoke solutions to customer requirements.
For more information or technical queries do not hesitate to contact our Machine Vision & Code Reading team at OEM Automatic.
Alternatively please see our product range below or watch this video from Orlaco about heavy equipment cameras.
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