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Power Supplies

We offer a complete range of power supplies, redundant systems, DC-UPS and a number of specially adapted units for e.g. Explosive environment (ATEX) or NEC class 2 circuits from our manufacturer PULS. Power supply for 110 V DC input voltage with current capacity from 0.6 A up to 20 A (24 V DC).

Power Supplies

A DIN rail power supply is a switched-mode power supply that converts unstabilised input voltage into regulated output voltage. Switched-mode power supplies are characterised by their significantly higher efficiency and lower weight as well as a more compact design than linearly regulated power supplies (transformers).
The selection of DIN rail power supplies is huge. If you are about to start the design-in process of a power supply into your system, the following seven consider points can help you make the right decision, avoid oversizing or even buying the wrong power supply, which can result in high follow-up costs.
1. Parameters for input and output
2. Operating environment
3. Dimensions
4. Approvals and standards
5. Efficiency and lifetime
6. Additional features
7. Supplementary units

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