AC Motors

Considered the workhorse of motor technology the AC motor is available in many different guises, as a motor only or with a multitude of gear box options.

Either single phase for relatively simple on/off operation, through to 3 phase inverter controlled gear motors with high torque and accurate speed holding, the AC motor is stalwart of engineering.

At OEM we offer AC motors from under 3W to over 1KW of output power. Compact, quiet, high IP rating, powerful, accurate speed holding, high efficiency and many other features are available from our AC range.

Common applications:
  • Conveyor system - simple power fed conveyors - just to move at a set speed.
  • Rotating an object - turn it on, it spins. Effective use of an AC gear motor.
  • Continuous running high torque demand at start-up - any application that needs up to and over 3x nominal torque can be driven by an inverter driven motor.
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