Busbar Systems

Wöhner offers fascinating and trend-setting system solutions for safe power distribution. In Wöhner's portfolio, you will find systems with small currents such as 125A to large currents up to 2500A. Synonymous for any system is a simple and quick assembly without almost any tools.

System 60Classic

Wöhner's innovative system boasts an extensive current range, made possible by the strategic implementation of diverse busbars. Designed with safety, space optimization, and clarity in mind, the System 60Classic offers a streamlined and easily navigable layout. With a wide array of components, which ensures versatility and adaptability to various needs. Moreover, a significant portion of Wöhner's components meet the stringent UL 508 requirements, affirming their commitment to both quality and compliance This 60mm busbar system goes up to 2500A and includes a wide range of components to easily attach to the rail system, ensuring you save both installation time and space.

System CrossBoard

Introducing Wöhner's UL-approved, all-round touch-safe protected power distribution system. Designed for utmost safety, space-saving efficiency, and user convenience, the CrossBoard system boasts a clear, tool-free installation process. With its compact design and touch-safe features, it ensures maximum safety without compromising on functionality. The CrossBoard System is available up to 160A with a wide range of components that can be easily assembled without tools. It is also available in nine different lengths and comes as a complete system-ready to install.

Panel Mounts

Fuse holders, load switches, electronic components and accessories from Wöhner that are mounted on a DIN rail or mounting plate.

Wöhner Accessories

Discover Wöhner's comprehensive range of accessories designed to enhance your electrical systems. From fuse holder accessories ensuring safe and efficient fuse management to end covers for busbar supports providing added protection and a sleek finish, Wöhner offers solutions that prioritize functionality and aesthetics. Whether you're looking to optimize your fuse configurations or add finishing touches to your busbar setups, trust Wöhner to deliver quality accessories tailored to your needs.
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