Slip Rings

Slip rings in a modular system: The optimal solution for every application.

Slip rings are electromechanical devices used to transmit electrical power, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform. OEM Automatic can supply you with a wide range of slip ring options for a range of industrial automation applications. Kübler slip rings are reliable, rugged and have long service and long maintenance cycles.

We can provide slip rings for packaging machines, textile machines, pipeline inspection systems, video surveillance equipment (CCTV), bottling plants, rotary tables, flowpack and blister packaging machines, robots etc.

Kübler slip rings stand for reliable transmission of electrical power, analogue, or digital signals, as well as for transmission of field buses and Industrial Ethernet. Thanks to their modular design, the different contact technologies from contactless to contact systems, the possible combination with media lead-through for air and liquids, you have maximum flexibility in the configuration of your slip ring. We are also happy to meet individual requirements. We can handle modifications and special solutions for you quickly and without complications.
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