Monitoring Relays

A control relay is an electronic device which can be used to detect and monitor physical or electrical values such as current, voltage, phase sequence, level, etc. The control relay ensures total availability of equipment, a major challenge for industries keen to improve their productivity and operating profits. It is one of the indispensable monitoring components for ensuring continuity of service of each installation.
If a fault is detected, the machine is not allowed to run and the user is informed of the abnormality by a visual signal. After being alerted, the user can then correct the malfunction. This avoids expensive breakdowns, that lead to product delays and loss of profitability.

  • Positive logic output to protect installations in the event of a power failure.
  • True RMS guaranteed regardless of interference on the electrical supply.
  • Self powered three phase products.
  • Supply voltage from 24 to 240 V in single unit for optimised stock.


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