3D Cameras

3D vision unlocks the power of accurately locating items and inspecting features in three dimensions (X, Y, Z). Instead of relying on colour or contrast, this technology generates a detailed 3D representation of surfaces, enabling the identification of features based on their physical structure.

At the heart of 3D machine vision systems lie four key technologies: Stereo Vision, Time of Flight (ToF), Laser Triangulation (3D Profiling), and Structured Light.

Stereo Vision harnesses the power of dual cameras to capture images from slightly different viewpoints, enabling precise depth perception through triangulation and providing a comprehensive 3D view of objects, particularly effective in unstructured environments. Time of Flight (ToF) technology measures the time taken for light to travel to an object and back, creating accurate point clouds for 3D reconstruction, ideal for real-time applications. Laser Triangulation (3D Profiling) utilizes lasers and cameras to capture detailed point clouds by measuring the distortion of laser beams projected onto surfaces, offering exceptional precision and resolution, especially suitable for scanning objects in motion. Structured Light employs projected patterns onto objects, capturing their deformation with cameras to generate high-fidelity 3D models, making it perfect for precise surface measurements and inspection tasks. Each technology presents unique strengths, catering to diverse needs in the realm of 3D vision applications.

Here at OEM Automatic, we specialize in advising on the best 3D vision technology for your specific needs. Whether you're seeking guidance or interested in a demonstration, our dedicated Computer Vision Team is here to assist you. contact us today and unlock the potential of 3D vision technology for your applications.
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