Linear & Mechanical products

Motor and gearmotor complimentary products like couplings, ball screws, linear guides and rails from market leading brands, alongside miniature linear actuators for controlled movements.

We can also help with requirements for precise, repeatable and continuous linear position systems. These are typically replacing pneumatics as the prime mover in many applications.
THK LF series torque ball bushing

Ball Screws and Ball Splines

Ball screws and ball splines are generally required to move an object horizontally or vertically whilst achieving a high positional accuracy and a rigid slop free movement. A Ball Screw is a high-efficiency feed screw with balls making a rolling motion between the screw axis and the nut. Compared with a conventional moving nut on a thread, the ball screw reduces the power needed to drive an object up to 70%, making it most suitable for multiple installations where motor power is kept to a minimum. A ball spline is a non-driven support bearing, keeping an object in line and allowing minimal movement in any direction other than that of travel. These are generally used in conjunction with a ball screw that provides the movement. <strong>Common applications:</strong> <ul><li>X/Y/Z tables - high speed and accurate positioning for precise control. <li>Special purpose machine builds - high speed and accurate positioning for precise control. <li>Multiple positional axis - power consumption considerably lower and life expectancy higher than simple travelling nut on a screwed rod. </li></ul>
Sungil Elastomer coupling, SJC (1.2 - 17Nm)


The coupling between motor / gear-motor output shaft and the product to be rotated is often overlooked. Many times, they are connected by a solid coupling with the belief that the rigid structure will then 'self-align' when mounted...Sometimes, this works. In some cases, the mounting surfaces are not perfectly machined, or the shafts not perfectly aligned. All may appear ok but the wear on bearings due to lack of compliance in the coupling can significantly reduce longevity and lead to premature failure, noise, vibration and a general perception of low quality for the overall product. Choosing the right coupling according to the installation requirements can solve all these problems. We offer a multitude of options and are happy to discuss your application to ensure the best connection is made. <strong>Common applications.</strong> <ul><li>Motor to pump connection - vibration and misalignment taken out by coupling. <li>Servo motor - maintain backlash free connection whilst reducing load on bearings. <li>Any motor or gear motor connection to a driven object can benefit from the correct choice of coupling.</li></ul>

Micro linear actuators

Compact linear actuators for small automation applications. Fitted with internal limit switches or feedback potentiometer.
THK HSR linear rail and block

Linear rails and guides

Linear guides are the important bits that keep everything in line and the machine accuracy perfect. Be it a relatively simple slide runner or a fully rigid carbon linear guide with ball screw movement and servo motor positioning drive, correct choice of unit for the application is essential. THK are the partner of choice for our linear guides and are happy to discuss application details and characteristics alongside OEM, to ensure the right unit is specified. From a cost-effective linear rail and carriage assembly, cut to size at OEM, through to a full bespoke caged ball curved slide rail, we have the product to make light of the most arduous movement. <strong>Typical applications for linear guides are:</strong> <ul><li>CNC machine tools - high speed slides with rigidity accuracy to keep machine tolerances low. <li>Robotics - miniature rails for grippers, heavy duty bearings for moving robot axis. <li>Automatic doors - low friction slides for moving heavy doors with ease. <li>Medical machinery - high accuracy and rigidity to keep resolution and accuracy high on scanners. <li>Automotive industry - large long linear guides for automotive carpet cutting.</li></ul>

Smart Linear Actuators

Servo motor drive high speed, high accuracy linear actuator.
NAFSA ER series linear solenoid

Solenoids and Electromagnets

The humble solenoid coil is in its basic form a simple affair &ndash; yet through various design principles and ancillary components they can be adapted to perform many tasks. Reversible, latching, linear, bistable are all terms for solenoid design and performance characteristics. They can be used to simply operate a switch with an impulse of voltage and return when the voltage is removed, right through to 3 position twin coil solenoids used for positioning with detent (holding) force. Solenoids are also used in electromagnetic locks and security bolts. These can be power to lock or unlock and feature strong mounting options for security applications. A natural adoption of the technology is holding electromagnets. These are again designed on the solenoid principles and allow a magnet to hold a mass fastened, closed or indeed open with or without voltage as required. The many options from NAFSA can be found below, with typical applications being; <ul><li>Door locking and access control - electromagnet to hold door open or closed. <li>Food and medical machinery - solenoids as locking pins once a section is in place. <li>Factory automation - machine part holding electromagnets. <li>Vending machines - solenoids to open or lock access points, move vending flaps and guides. <li>Lifts and elevators - locking bolts as security and safety features. <li>Agricultural machinery - solenoid to open / close dispensing valves on casting machinery. <li>Automotive industry - multiple options for solenoid locks, holding magnets to lock doors.</li></ul>


automation components for specialist vehicles

Automation Components for Specialist Vehicles

The specialist vehicle industry can include automotive and EV, heavy vehicles such as agriculture and rail, and marine.  This email takes you through some of the various products we offer for specialist vehicle applications.

Drive wheels AGV's AMR'S
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Wheel motor drives for AGVs

AGV drive wheel motors cover a wide range of options – from a miniature unit on a small 20kg robot, tasked to move on a perfectly level and smooth indoor surface, up to passenger vehicle-sized robots working outside over fields and varying terrain.

electro pneumatic control box customised bespoke solutions
Case studies

Case Study - Electro Pneumatic Control Box

At OEM Automatic, we can supply a series of components for your one project. All under one roof. This case study discusses how we supplied several components for our customer's new electro-pneumatic control box. 

Technosoft motion control IPOS drives
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Intelligent drives by Technosoft

Technosoft specialise in developing intelligent drives and certainly live up to the term 'intelligent’, by combining a powerful motor and motion controller to implement complex movements.

highly efficient, outrunner-design servomotors thanks to Simplex Motion
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Simplex Motion Servomotors

The Simplex Motion integrated servomotor is a brushless DC motor with integrated electronics and outrunner rotor. You can now browse Simplex Motion servomotors on our website.

Oriental Motor has signed a distribution deal with Leicester-based OEM Automatic
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Oriental Motor signs distribution deal with OEM Automatic

One of the leading names in motors and drives, Oriental Motor, has signed a distribution deal with OEM Automatic. OEM Automatic can support customers, especially where an AC or Brushless DC (BLDC) motor has been discontinued or proving hard to source.

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