Brushless Motors

Commonly used where accurate control is required over speed and position, brushless motors (also known as BLDC, ECM motors or Electronically Commutated) have a multitude of options to suit most applications.

With no mechanical brushes to wear they offer long life and can give great torque and speed performance when compared with similar physical size AC and induction motors.

Available with or without internal control and offering many gearbox options, there is a good a chance we can help with your requirements.

Common applications:
  • Labelling machinery - motor required to change speed quickly and accurately.
  • Long multiple motor conveyor system - motors with integrated drive and BUS system to cut down on factory cabling.
  • Continuous feed single conveyor in wet area - Low voltage brushless DC used for speed control and longevity.
  • Repeatable pre-set indexing system - motor and drive programmed to index accurately on a single input pulse.
  • Down sizing from full servo system to drastically reduce set-up and programming time.
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