AGV drive wheels

Wheel motor drives for AGVs

Wheel motors drives, suitable for the smallest indoor, up to 2000KG+ mobile AGVs and AMRs.

AGV drive wheel motors cover a wide range of options – from a miniature unit on a small 20kg robot, tasked to move on a perfectly level and smooth indoor surface, up to passenger vehicle-sized robots working outside over fields and varying terrain.

Through our partners MOONS' and PMW Dynamics, we have an option to cover most drive-wheel requirements.

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The MSD modular integrated drive wheel range from MOONS’ is developed for mobile robots and includes a combined motor, gearbox and drive wheel with a brake option, if required. 

They are typically used for indoor applications and have dedicated MBDV motion controllers for integrating into the vehicle control system.


The range offers up to 50Nm torque at the wheel with a surface speed of up to 2.8m/sec. The MSD drive wheels are quiet, compact, and smooth running with elastic suspension.

Featuring built-in encoders, MSD drive wheels can be implemented with CANopen, EtherCAT and RS485 Modbus communication protocols and have companion motor products within the range for lifting and jacking operations. Thus, offering a motion control solution. 



The units from PMW Dynamics are famed for their compact builds with high-performance characteristics, from a slim unit offering direct drive through a motorised wheel, giving up to 13Nm of torque at 580 rpm through a 130mm diameter wheel.

Featuring a high-resolution encoder, the XR15-W motor can be driven very accurately and facilitates simple and flexible integration into the target application.

For higher loads and more arduous environments, the IG9190 from PMW Dynamics offers up to 380Nm of torque and IP65 sealing in a compact 124mm diameter body. With a built-in high resolution encoder, low backlash high torque gearbox, and brake options, the IG9190 is used on large capacity robots whilst retaining a class leading compact overall package.
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AGV Drive Wheels

Integrated drive wheels and associated products for use in AGV and AMR applications
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