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Cable Entry Systems

Cable entry systems are becoming more advanced as requirements are changing within the automation and machine market.

The need for bringing pre-assembled cables is more common, so traditional glands cannot be used.

Conta-Clip have developed a large range of cable entry systems that can accommodate single cables or multiple cables in a small footprint.  They consist of only 3 parts and are quick and easy to assemble.

The KDS range use common split inserts allowing round or flat cables, tubes & pipes to be fed into an enclosure without the need to remove the connectors.

For cables without connectors, the KES range enables a large amount of cables of various size to be fed into an enclosure in a compact, low profile single piece assembly.  Using the KES system takes up far less enclosure space than using normal glands.

The KDS and KES range are IP66 as standard & Ecolab approved, so ideal for washdown environments.

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