Interface Break Out Modules

Conta-Clip have a range of compact TS35/32 mount break-out modules that enable some standard plugs and sockets to be presented on to screw terminals.
These are ideal where you need to offer a plug-in connection within a panel that allows you to wire directly from your existing circuits.
The standard offer includes: -

  • USB A/B
  • RJ11, RJ45, RJ45 shielded
  • IX Industrial Ethernet
  • 2-wire Single Pair Ethernet
  • D-type, 9 way to 37 way
  • HD-D-type
  • Ribbon, 10 way to 64 way
  • EDAC

Many of the range have the option of screw terminals or spring clamp terminals and include multiple socket options.
Custom versions can also be designed and manufactured to suit your application.
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