Sensors and Safety

We specialise in offering a wide range of Sensors and Safety products that are designed to meet your specific needs, including photosensors, encoders, connections, and a comprehensive range of machine safety products.

Our team of experts takes pride in our ability to offer innovative solutions that are both reliable and efficient. We understand that every application is unique, which is why we work closely with you to understand your specific requirements so that we can recommend the best possible solution for your needs.

We are committed to providing you with everything you need to optimise your sensing and position control systems. Our extensive range of products is designed to provide you with the flexibility to choose the best solution for your specific application.

We understand that safety is a top priority for your operations. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of machine safety products that are designed to protect your personnel and equipment from harm. Our safety products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that you can operate with complete peace of mind.
Barcode scanners - Datalogic, image based

Barcode scanners

OEM Automatic stock and supply a wide array of industrial barcode scanners, including handheld, heavy duty and laser based, our dedicated team of industry experts are also on hand to advise on embedded or custom integrations.
IDEM Stainless steel belt alignment switch

Belt Alignment Switches

M12 connector Molex

Connectors and IO Connection Systems

Cable assemblies support reliable connections across almost every industry. Thanks to Molex's comprehensive design, manufacturing and testing expertise spanning numerous cable and wire harness technologies and further enhanced by their globally integrated supply chain capabilities, Molex helps customers streamline production time, optimize quality and reduce the need for expensive tooling. We offer a complete range of connection systems consisting of distribution boxes, overmoulded connectors, field attachable connectors and receptacles. These parts can be used together to design a full connection system from small stand alone machines to large complex production lines with multiple pieces of machinery. <ul><li>M8 and M12 connector sizes <li>Standard cordsets includes 3,4,5 pole in M8 and 3,4,5,8 in M12 <li>Built to IEC standard <li>IP67</li></ul>
IDEM stainless steel emergency stop switch ESL-SS

Emergency Stop Switches

Kubler 5006 incremental encoder


Speed measurement and position detection using incremental and absolute encoders. Choose the perfect encoder for your application from a variety of sizes and ordering options. The Sendix encoder – made in Germany – is the result of the highest quality awareness and careful selection of materials. It has proved its value in many industries as a robust and precise sensor technology. Design your plants, machines, or motors with Kübler encoders through OEM Automatic. Encoders are used wherever lengths, positions, rotational speeds, and angles need to be recorded. They convert mechanical motion into electrical signals. There are differences in the functional principles of encoders. They can thus be divided into incremental and absolute versions.We can generally supply you with all of the encoders in both shaft and hollow shaft models.
IDEM gate bolt with contactless switch

Gate Bolts

Datalogic Lidar guidance scanner side view

Guidance Scanner

Non-Safety Light Curtains

IDEM guardian line rope pull switch

Rope Pull Switches

Designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards. In contrast to traditional mushroom head type emergency stop buttons, grab wire safety rope switches can initiate the emergency command from any point along the installed rope length and provide robust emergency stop rope pull protection for exposed conveyors or machines. <ul><li>Stainless steel or die cast metal <li>Patented tensioner/gripper accessory for ease of installation <li>IP67, IP69K <li>Optional dual colour LED for status indication from distance</li></ul>

Safety Bumpers

GELBAU terminal strips/safety edging

Safety Edges

The sensing strip is made of conductive rubber, if the safety edge is pressed together there is a short-circuit and the control unit opens its safety outputs. Several sensing strips can be easily connected in series. OEM can supply parts only or a complete safety edge assembled to customer specifications. <ul><li>No mechanical components <li>Easy installation <li>Up to safety category 3 <li>IP67</li></ul>
IDEM K-15 and K-15 with SS head safety interlock switches

Safety Interlock Switches

Tongue operated safety interlock switches are designed to fit on the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards to provide tamper resistant, not easily defeatable key mechanism. They monitor the status of the door or hatch. <ul><li>Stainless steel, die cast metal, or plastic <li>Rotatable heads for multiple mounting options <li>IP67, IP69K <li>Flexible actuator options</li></ul>
Datalogic SLS safety laser scanner

Safety Laser Scanner

The Enhanced Safety Laser Sentinel (SLS) from Datalogic is an innovation in workplace safety, able to operate in static (e.g. perimeter or access protection, robot cells) or dynamic (e.g. AGVs, autonomous mobile robots, forklifts) environments, ensuring the safety of staff and improving efficiency at the same time. The Laser Scanner Enhanced is designed to withstand the harshest of environments with its tough industrial housing. It has a 275° viewing angle, this, when placed on the corner of an area, gives complete protection of two sides of a machine or vehicle. Combining two of these can give you complete 360° protection of an area, up to 4 units can be connected and used for safety or warning functionality. Safe zones measure up to 5.5m and can let you know when an object greater than 70mm enters, warning zones extend to up to 40m.
Datalogic safety light curtains

Safety Light Curtains

IDEM LSPM safety limit switch

Safety Limit Switches

Limit Switches are used for position detection and monitoring. A large range of switch sizes, actuator heads and mounting options are available. <ul><li>Plastic, metal, or stainless steel bodies <li>Large range of actuator heads <li>ATEX versions <li>IP67 ingress protection</li></ul>

Safety Mats

Duelco safety relay NST-2007F

Safety Relays

Comprehensive range of safety relays for a wide variety of applications: safety switches and interlocks, light curtains, emergency stop buttons, etc. Wide voltage versions for mobile applications are also available. <ul><li>24Vac/dc, 230Vac, 8-36Vdc, and 12Vdc options <li>Standstill monitors <li>Two hand control relays <li>Safety Cat.3 (PLd) and Safety Cat.4 (PLe) versions available</li></ul>
Datalogic S65 distance sensor


Sensors are essential in industrial automation to detect the presence of objects or parts, inspect the integrity or correct assembly, measure the dimension, distance or positioning. Photoelectric sensors are available in many different sizes, versions, and functionalities, ranging from the smallest to the fastest objects, clear or shiny surfaces, colour or invisible fluorescent marks, and dimension or distance measurement. Inductive proximity sensors are specific for metal parts detection at short distance, also in harsh environments with dust, liquids, oil, or grease. Capacitive sensors are used for detecting liquids or powder, also inside opaque and non-metal containers. Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for transparent object detection (plastic film, glass, labels), with distance measurement capability. Accessories include brackets and cables, IO-Link Master, fibre optics and reflectors for photoelectric sensors. Manufacturing applications are widespread in automotive and electronics plants; food & beverage and pharmaceutical, processing and packaging machinery; woodworking, metalworking, textile, ceramic, glass, stones, paper, and more.
Kubler slip rings

Slip Rings

Slip rings in a modular system: The optimal solution for every application. Slip rings are electromechanical devices used to transmit electrical power, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform. OEM Automatic can supply you with a wide range of slip ring options for a range of industrial automation applications. Kübler slip rings are reliable, rugged and have long service and long maintenance cycles. We can provide slip rings for packaging machines, textile machines, pipeline inspection systems, video surveillance equipment (CCTV), bottling plants, rotary tables, flowpack and blister packaging machines, robots etc. Kübler slip rings stand for reliable transmission of electrical power, analogue, or digital signals, as well as for transmission of field buses and Industrial Ethernet. Thanks to their modular design, the different contact technologies from contactless to contact systems, the possible combination with media lead-through for air and liquids, you have maximum flexibility in the configuration of your slip ring. We are also happy to meet individual requirements. We can handle modifications and special solutions for you quickly and without complications.
IDEM stainless steel solenoid interlock switch KLT-SS

Solenoid Interlock Switches

IDEM non contact stainless steel switch LMF-SS


A large range of micro switches, limit switches and non-contact switches from manufacturers such as IDEM and Crouzet, both safety and non-safety rated.
IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks in Die Cast Metal, Skorpian series

Trapped Key Interlocks

The trapped key system works on the principle of releasing heavy duty coded mechanical keys in a pre-determined sequence to ensure machine power has been isolated before any access can be made into areas where hazards or dangerous machinery is present. <ul><li>All available in die cast or stainless steel <li>Up to 48 standard key codes available <li>Other custom key codes available on request <li>Sequential or non-sequential release</li></ul>


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