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Cable Glands

Cable glands are used in a wide range of applications and AGRO has a comprehensive range to suit almost any application.  AGRO are a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality cable glands.

AGRO offer a full range of glands including: -

  • Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Reinforced Polyamide and Plastic
  • Single, Multi-cable and Flat cable inserts with High Temperature options
  • EMC Glands, EMC Ex Certified Glands
  • Ex Glands in Metal and Polyamide
  • Conduit Glands
  • Custom Glands designed and built to order
  • Pressure balancing and drainage glands


Not all glands are equal

For applications in demanding environments, then the Metal Progress and Polyamide GFK Range from AGRO is the perfect solution.  These glands have high quality seal that clamps around the full 360° of the cable and does not loosen over time.

For general applications, glands with lamellar technology are commonplace and have a number of ‘fingers’ that clamp around parts the cable to a suitable IP rating.  To maintain the IP rating on lamellar type glands, it is recommended that they are re-tightened over time as part of a maintenance regime.

These are generally the most cost-effective glands offered from many manufactures. AGRO offer the Syntec Economy Range in nickel plated brass and plastic to fulfill this market.

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