Pressure Monitoring

Suco 0166/0169 pressure switch spade connection

Mechanical Pressure Switches

Mechanical, electronic, and differential pressure switches including vacuum, designed for monitoring liquids or gaseous media. Most of the pressure switch range is available adjustable on site or pre-set as part of our added value services. Suco pressure switches have a favourable price-performance ratio, along with a wide range of variants that can be used in almost all areas of mechanical engineering and construction. Their electronic pressure switch range have a high level of precision and long service life. Features: <li>Switching ranges 0,1 to 400 Bar. <li>NBR, EPDM, FKM &amp; HNBR Seal materials. <li>Up to 300 or 600 Bar overpressure safety. <li>Plasma Cleaning service available.
Photo of electronic preassure switch model 0570.

Electrical Pressure Switches

VAL.CO TPD pressure sensor

Pressure Transmitters

Suco 07xx industrial pressure sensor M12 connector

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors to suit nearly all applications including medical, mobile hydraulics, off highway and Process. Industrial pressure sensors (also called pressure transducers or transmitters) are used to convert pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to an electric output signal. Features: <li>Ranges from -1 bar to 5000 bar <li>4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V outputs <li>HART Protocol, NFC Programming Technology <li>Titanium, Ceramic and stainless steel wetted parts</li>
Industrial pressure gauge

Pressure Gauges

We currently only provide specialist industrial pressure gauge solutions on a customer, case by case basis. Our product specialists are on hand to help you find the best solution possible. Get in touch by visiting our <a href="">Contact us page</a> To place an order with us or contact us about an enquiry; Our dedicated customer support team and product specialists are waiting to take your enquiries. Call - 0116 427 1404 Email - [email protected] To ensure the fastest processing and dispatch times, please send all orders to our dedicated processing team at the address below. Email - [email protected] Alternatively on our <a href="">Contact us page</a> you can fill in a contact form or start a live chat.


electro pneumatic control box customised bespoke solutions
Case studies

Case Study - Electro Pneumatic Control Box

At OEM Automatic, we can supply a series of components for your one project. All under one roof. This case study discusses how we supplied several components for our customer's new electro-pneumatic control box. 

Product news

New Hydrogen Approved Pressure Switches

OEM is pleased to announce a range of hydrogen-approved mechanical pressure switches, by Suco! Today, hydrogen plays a key role in climate-neutral energy generation and storage.

WIKA force measurement
Product news

Feel the force with Wika force measurement

OEM Automatic proudly welcomes the addition of WIKA to its lineup. Wika Force brings a new dimension to the realm of force measurement. The integration of WIKA into the OEM Automatic pressure and flow range represents a significant advancement in force measurement technology!

Georg Fischer is a globally renowned provider of process automation systems and solutions
Product news

Georg Fischer New Process Automation Supplier

Georg Fischer is a globally renowned provider of process automation systems and solutions for various industries. Join us as we delve into the advantages and opportunities that this new addition brings to you.

ESI new hydrogen compatible pressure sensors range
Product news

ESI's hydrogen compatible pressure sensor range

Using hydrogen as a source of energy is an emerging market. ESI have a selected range of pressure sensors that are hydrogen-compatible.

Process packaging automation components

Process and packaging automation components at OEM

Automated machinery in the process and packaging industries is constantly developing. Find out how we can help to automate process and packaging machinery at OEM.

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