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The Computer Vision team at OEM Automatic Ltd is your source of comprehensive technical guidance on 2D and 3D image acquisition and analysis.

As proud official representatives of the leading brands within the machine vision industry, we offer a diverse range of high-quality products to ensure the perfect solution for your specific requirements.
Our wealth of product and application knowledge enables us to provide valuable insights into product selection and our in-house facilities enable us to provide proof-of-concept, demonstrations and product training.

Explore our selection of product or contact us to discuss your requirement with one of our experts. [email protected]

Vision Cameras

Machine vision cameras are used to inspect and analyse objects automatically in an industrial or production environment. The data collected can then be used to control a process or manufacturing activity. Machine vision cameras can be used in many applications to check the position of something, colour, size, shape or whether an object is there or not. As well as look at and decipher a standard 2D barcode and even printed characters. With a comprehensive range of Machine Vision Cameras from Sony, Basler and Datalogic, featuring 3D cameras, area scan, embedded, IP cameras and Line scan cameras OEM Automatic can offer a camera to suit almost any application. OEM Automatic supplies cameras to capture 2D images in mono and colour, 3D images and also the innovative polarised cameras to detect the direction of reflected light. Our extensive range from leading suppliers, includes GigE, USB, CoaXpress, CameraLink & Bcon (LVDS & MIPI) interfaces, resolutions from VGA to 20MP, rolling and global shutters and monochrome or colour options. We also offer a strong range of <a href=",-a-,-code-reading/smart-cameras">smart cameras</a>, which offer a camera and a computer in the same device. If you have any questions on cameras for machine vision applications please feel free to <a href="" target="_blank">contact us</a>.

3D Cameras

3D vision unlocks the power of accurately locating items and inspecting features in three dimensions (X, Y, Z). Instead of relying on colour or contrast, this technology generates a detailed 3D representation of surfaces, enabling the identification of features based on their physical structure. At the heart of 3D machine vision systems lie four key technologies: Stereo Vision, Time of Flight (ToF), Laser Triangulation (3D Profiling), and Structured Light. Stereo Vision harnesses the power of dual cameras to capture images from slightly different viewpoints, enabling precise depth perception through triangulation and providing a comprehensive 3D view of objects, particularly effective in unstructured environments. Time of Flight (ToF) technology measures the time taken for light to travel to an object and back, creating accurate point clouds for 3D reconstruction, ideal for real-time applications. Laser Triangulation (3D Profiling) utilizes lasers and cameras to capture detailed point clouds by measuring the distortion of laser beams projected onto surfaces, offering exceptional precision and resolution, especially suitable for scanning objects in motion. Structured Light employs projected patterns onto objects, capturing their deformation with cameras to generate high-fidelity 3D models, making it perfect for precise surface measurements and inspection tasks. Each technology presents unique strengths, catering to diverse needs in the realm of 3D vision applications. Here at OEM Automatic, we specialize in advising on the best 3D vision technology for your specific needs. Whether you're seeking guidance or interested in a demonstration, our dedicated Computer Vision Team is here to assist you. contact us today and unlock the potential of 3D vision technology for your applications. <img src="/-/media/logotypes-brands/basler_lowresolutionbig.jpg alt = "Basler - 3D" loading="lazy" style="float:left; margin-right:20px" width="100"> <img src="/-/media/logotypes-brands/photoneo.png? alt="Photoneo - 3D" loading="lazy" style="float:left; margin-right:20px" width="100"> <img src="/-/media/oemautomatic_uk/supplier-pages/suppler-logos/wenglor.jpg alt="Wenglor - 3" loading="lazy" style="float:left; margin-right:20px" width="100">
Adaptive Vision machine vision software

Vision Software

OEM Automatic is pleased to partner with Zebra Technologies, Datasensing and Basler, allowing us to offer machine vision analysis software to detect, measure and inspect. Zebra Aurora™ Vision is a machine vision library for C++ and .NET programmers. It gives you instant access to the highest quality, well-optimized and field-tested code for your machine vision projects. Datalogic, including Pekat Vision Software, enables OCR and text reading, presence checking and part inspection and is compatible with its range of machine vision hardware. Datasensing Impact vision software is ideal for smart cameras, P-, A-, T- Series cameras. Basler’s pylon software consists of three components: SDKs for integration into application software, configuration tools for evaluating and setting-up cameras, and drivers and GenTL producers for reliable connectivity.


The latest high quality industrial computers, servers, edge devices, panel PCs and monitors for computer vision and automation. OEM Automation is proud to be Advantech’s distribution partner for specialist machine vision applications.


OEM Automatic represents a large selection of lens and filter manufacturers, enabling us to offer the best solution to your image capturing requirement. Good optics is a fundamental part of any computer/machine vision application. We offer expert advice and work closely with our suppliers to tackle the most demanding of applications.


Choosing the right LED machine vision illumination is crucial in designing a vision system and can aid your inspection without the need for additional post processing. There are a several considerations when deciding which type of lighting is right. There are a number of areas you need to think about in order to determine what type of illumination is the best solution for your application: <ul> <li>Line speed of your application? <li>Field of view which requires LED vision lighting? <li>Monochrome or colour application? <li>Surface of the object & reflectivity, shape, structure and colour? <li>Which areas require highlighting? <li>What are the mechanical and environmental requirements?</li> </ul> If you have an application that you need help with just <a href="" target="_blank">contact</a> a member of our team. With our stocked lab and by working closely with Basler, Advanced Illumination and EffiLUX we can help you with any application.

Vision Accessories

The correct enclosure, cable, Ethernet switch, interface module and power supply are all essential to a successful vision system installation. OEM Automatic provides a selection of accessories to simplify any requirement. OEM Automatic can also provide bespoke cable assemblies built to your requirement. Please <a href="">contact us</a> to discuss any requirements.

Heavy Equipment Vision

Across all industries, vehicle and machine blind spots are a major safety concern due to their size. Near miss situations and safety incidents can all occur due to restrictions caused by driver position, absent rear windows and bulkheads that limit a driver or operator’s visibility. Orlaco’s reliable and robust camera and radar based monitoring systems offer massively improved visibility. Allow in vehicle viewing of loads, tooling, trailers and blind spot. Improving safety and increasing productivity. OEM Automatic offers a range of standard kits for all types of lorries, trucks, cranes, tractors and agricultural vehicles, excavators and heavy plant equipment, rail and maritime applications. We also provide bespoke solutions to customer requirements. For more information or technical queries do not hesitate to <a href="" target="_blank">contact</a> our Machine Vision & Code Reading team at OEM Automatic. Alternatively please see our product range below or watch this <a rel="noopener noreferrer" href="" target="_blank">video</a> from Orlaco about heavy equipment cameras.


automation components for specialist vehicles

Automation Components for Specialist Vehicles

The specialist vehicle industry can include automotive and EV, heavy vehicles such as agriculture and rail, and marine.  This email takes you through some of the various products we offer for specialist vehicle applications.

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Installation and integration partners

OEM Automatic works in close co-operation with a select team of integration partners to offer design, installation, and commissioning of bespoke machine vision and code reading solutions to suit your specific application.

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