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Industrilas locking solutions: handles, latches and hinges

Access hardware and seals

Auer R series red beacon


Auer E series beacon with sounder, in orange/amber with black base

Beacons with Sounders

SPS Ultraflexx busbars in different sizes


Busbars from Teknomega and SPS, the busbar's material composition and cross-sectional size determine the maximum current it can safely carry...

Busbar Systems

Wöhner offers fascinating and trend-setting system solutions for safe power distribution. In Wöhner's portfolio, you will find systems with small currents such as 125A to large currents up to 2500A. Synonymous for any system is a simple and quick assembly without almost any tools.
Conta-Clip KDS-Click products, cable entry system solutions

Cable Entry Systems

Cable entry systems are becoming more advanced as requirements are changing within the automation and machine market. The need for bringing pre-assembled cables is more common, so traditional glands cannot be used. Conta-Clip have developed a large range of cable entry systems that can accommodate single cables or multiple cables in a small footprint. They consist of only 3 parts and are quick and easy to assemble. The KDS range use common split inserts allowing round or flat cables, tubes & pipes to be fed into an enclosure without the need to remove the connectors. For cables without connectors, the KES range enables a large amount of cables of various size to be fed into an enclosure in a compact, low profile single piece assembly. Using the KES system takes up far less enclosure space than using normal glands. The KDS and KES range are IP66 as standard & Ecolab approved, so ideal for washdown environments.
A range of Conta-Clip cable ferrules in various colours, sizes and arrnged in a circle

Cable Ferrules

Conta-Clip offer a wide range of cable ferrules, also known as Boot Lace ferrules, for terminating cables ends. There are many benefits for using cable ferrules on cables. <h4>Stray Strands</h4> The ferrule reduces the possibility of having stray strands of conductor that could easily cause a short circuit in neighbouring connections. Due to the construction of the ferrule, the strands are guided into pin, then when crimped the strands will no longer be able to separate. <h4>Repeatable Termination</h4> In applications where the cables could be removed and re-terminated, such as replacing components within a Panel, stranded cables can soon break down. This could lead into to the installer having to cut and strip the existing cable in a confined space. The cable ferrule protects the cable and makes it easier to re-insert in to the terminals. The range includes insulated ferrules for single and dual cables, along with a range of non-insulated if required. For easy recognition of the correct ferrule size to use for each cable, the insulated range are colour coded. There are 3 colour standards being used in industry, which all differ slightly: - <ul> <li>DIN <li>German <li>French</li> </ul>
AGRO cable gland powerconnect range

Cable Glands

Cable glands are used in a wide range of applications and AGRO has a comprehensive range to suit almost any application. AGRO are a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality cable glands. AGRO offer a full range of glands including: -</p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;"><li>Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Reinforced Polyamide and Plastic <li>Single, Multi-cable and Flat cable inserts with High Temperature options <li>EMC Glands, EMC Ex Certified Glands <li>Ex Glands in Metal and Polyamide <li>Conduit Glands <li>Custom Glands designed and built to order <li>Pressure balancing and drainage glands</li></ul>
Conta-Clip cable lugs, uninsulated RKS in various sizes

Cable Lugs & Crimps

The cable lugs provided are meticulously engineered for fine-stranded round conductors, adhering to DIN EN 60228 Cl. 5 standards. Crafted from annealed copper (EN13600), these lugs offer optimal material and crimping properties, ensuring reliable and secure connections. Featuring a tin-plated surface, they are fortified against corrosion, extending their lifespan and reliability even in harsh environments. The inclusion of an inspection hole facilitates easy monitoring of conductor insertion, simplifying the installation process. With a keen eye on versatility and compatibility, these cable lugs are approved for use with high-temperature cables up to 180°C, meeting the rigorous standards of IEC 61238-1-1. They are suitable for class 5 tin-plated conductors, accommodating a wide range of fine-stranded round conductors from 0.75-4 mm². Furthermore, they are adaptable to multi-stranded round conductors up to 400 mm², as well as pre-rounded multi-stranded sector-shaped conductors, offering flexibility in various applications. The precise internal chamfer ensures effortless cable entry, enhancing the efficiency of installation processes. Alongside ferrules, Z+F offer UL Certified terminals (E333905 or E477752) which boast a UL94-V0 inflammableness classification and are RoHS compliant. Featuring polyvinyl chloride insulation, some are reinforced with a copper sleeve for added strength. Withstanding temperatures from -20°C to +75°C, they comply with ROHS directive 2011/65/EU, REACH regulation (EG) no. 1907/2006, and conflict minerals according to Sec. 1502 DFA, ensuring both safety and regulatory compliance.
Cable sleeve markers on a set of cables

Cable Markers

Conta clip offer a wide range of cable marking technologies to suit a wide range of requirements. The range includes individual pre-printed KBH markers and KH cable marker sleeves with printable inserts that slide over the unterminated cables. For greater flexibility Conta-Clip also off selection of ‘snap on’ cable markers that can be fitted without removing any cables. The KMC series can be custom printed on the EMS plotter or marked by hand. In addition, there are a large selection of printable markers that can be cable tied directly around the cable. The KHS, KKM and KMS can also be custom printed and are available in a variety of colours. For a combined cable tie with built in panel the KB cable markers are ideal for larger cables, pipes or hoses. To complete the family, the KKS are a self-adhesive polyester ‘wrap around’ marking system that can be marked by hand or with a thermal printer.
Z+F evocrimp cable preparation machine

Cable Preparation

SABK cable shield clip from Conta-Clip on an orange cable

Cable Shield Clips

In the ever growing industry of process engineering and the use of sensitive equipment and PLC's, the need for a higher degree of interference protection is required for these systems. To ensure the best possible EMC protection the cable shielding and grounding is of the upmost importance. The connection point of the cable screen and the clip is a critical point and is required to be a low Ohm resistance and minimum inductive resistance. Conta-Clip offer one of the most comprehensive range of practical, simple and quick to mount shielding clip products on the market today
Conta-Clip cable trunking with cables running through

Cable Trunking

Conta-Clip now offer a wide range of cable trunking to complement their growing portfolio of Cable Management Systems. The cable trunking is suitable for many applications and has excellent dimensional stability. They feature tight fitting covers to prevent slippage, which are easy to fit and remove and the fingers have pre-scored breakage points providing a burr free opening.
Baco mini-cam switch 10A


Baco offers a complete range of cam switches rated from 10A to 250A in many standard configurations or completely customised to your needs. The mini cam switches are compact with 10A rated contacts. The PR One series offers a competitively priced choice of pre-configured schemes. The original PR series has a robust metal shaft and are rated up to 250A. Choose from thousands of switching schemes, various mounting options and a wide range of legend plates, handles and accessories.
Plastic protective conduits from Flexa

Conduits & Cable Protection

Kubler LED pulse counter codix 52C


The user-friendly, compact and functionally well thought through Codix process displays and controller are ideal for all linear and non-linear analog signals. Electromechanical counters in many versions, as well as miniature counters for PCB mounting, are ideal time and pulse counters for pumps, lifts, dryers, UV lamps, KWh meters and much more. The Codix series offers functional, low cost electronica display counters, position displays, timers and tachometers. Our electronic multifunction preset counters enable decentralized control and so reduce cycle times. Pulse counters are primarily used to count a number of pulses or signals while a running time meter counts the time a signal is high or low. Multifunction counters can be programmed to use tachometer pulse counters or running time meter with multiple settings for signals and relay outputs. Preset Counters are used to measure the electrical pulses, and with the help of adjustable presets trigger various functions. Multifunction counters are used with PNP or NPN signals to measure, among other things; length, speed, number of mm.
Current transformer busbar series lumel

Current Transformers (CT's) and Shunts

Lumel current transformers are available in a wide range of accuracy classes and can be used with cables or busbars in DIN rail or direct mount. Lumel shunts are used on high power DC circuits to interface safely with sensitive measuring devices.
Lumel KD8 screen recorder

Data Recorders

DC Circuit Protection

Lutze LOCC Box monitors and protects 24V DC control circuits to increase process run time and minimise equipment downtime.
Conta-clip diode module

Diode and Component Modules

Conta-Clip have a range of compact TS35/32 mounted PCB fuse, diode and component modules that can be easily fitted inside control panels. The range includes: - <ul style="list-style-type: disc;"> <li>Fuse Holders, 3 or 6 way <li>Empty component modules ready for population <li>Diode modules <li>Lamp test modules</li> </ul>All use the Conta-Clip PMC marking system for terminal identification.
Stego filter fan FPI/FPO

Enclosure Cooling

Stego are a market leader in thermal management and have set the standards that many try to follow. The range includes a large range of innovative cooling fans and filters using air flap technology to achieve higher air flows than some traditional solutions. For spot cooling within enclosures, the Stego Jet has an adjustable nozzle enabling precise air flow. To complement the range of fans, Stego also offer a vast range of DIN Rail thermostats and hygrostats to help control temperature and humidity.
PCT electric heating unit, Stego convection heater

Enclosure Heating

Stego are a market leader in thermal management and have set the standards that many try to follow. The need for optimising the temperature within control panels and electrical systems is sometimes overlooked. To prevent low temperatures and condensation, Stego produce a wide range of heating solutions to ensure equal distribution of warm air. These include convection heaters with PTC technology from 5W to 500W and forced air versions up to 1200W. Both ranges have the option of built in thermostat and ‘touch safe’ housings. To complement the range of heaters, Stego also offer a range of DIN Rail thermostats for heating and cooling combined, together with hygrostats to help control temperature and humidity.
two Stego LED Varioline enclosure lights, one with socket, one without

Enclosure Lighting and Sockets

Stego now offer a complete range of enclosure lighting with or without socket outlets. The LED range start at 300mm long up to 600mm with low glare LED technology and a selection of mounting and switching options. For external switching the DS 013 is an adjustable hinge switch that can be used to activate the lighting and deactivate the heating/cooling when the enclosure is opened for maintenance. For applications where only a socket is required, the SD 035 range comes with or without fuse and can be easily DIN Rail mounted.
Ensto cube plastic enclosure with clear lid


When engineering electrical apparatus or systems, an enclosure plays a crucial part. The enclosure is needed to protect valuable electrical components from outside threats and people from equipment threats.
Lumel 3-phase network meter

Energy Meters and Analysers

CREX020 Hazardous area heater with EX-logo


EX and ATEX approvals are certifications that indicate that a piece of equipment or system is safe for use in potentially explosive environments. These certifications are important in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and mining, where flammable or explosive materials are present. EX is a general term that stands for "explosion-proof," while ATEX refers specifically to the European Union's (EU) regulatory framework for explosive atmospheres. The ATEX directive covers the design, manufacture, and testing of equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres. To receive an EX or ATEX approval, equipment must meet certain requirements and standards for safety and performance. These requirements can vary depending on the specific application and the classification of the hazardous environment.

Fuse and fuse holders

Touch HMI from Crouzet


Conta-Clip black hygienic door handle mounted on a door handle

Hygienic Door Handle

With the HYDH you don’t have to use your hand to open a door, you can use your elbow or your forearm. It’s quickly and easily attached to an existing door handle and no tools are required.
Industrial Connector from Walther

Industrial Connectors

Conta-clip interface break out module

Interface Break Out Modules

Conta-Clip have a range of compact TS35/32 mount break-out modules that enable some standard plugs and sockets to be presented on to screw terminals. These are ideal where you need to offer a plug-in connection within a panel that allows you to wire directly from your existing circuits. The standard offer includes: -<ul> <li>USB A/B <li>RJ11, RJ45, RJ45 shielded <li>IX Industrial Ethernet <li>2-wire Single Pair Ethernet <li>D-type, 9 way to 37 way <li>HD-D-type <li>Ribbon, 10 way to 64 way <li>EDAC</li></ul> Many of the range have the option of screw terminals or spring clamp terminals and include multiple socket options. Custom versions can also be designed and manufactured to suit your application.


IO-Link is a point-to-point communication protocol that is used to connect industrial automation devices, such as sensors and actuators, to controllers and other devices in a control system. It provides a standardized communication interface between these devices, allowing for easy configuration, monitoring, and control of devices from a central location. One of the key features of IO-Link is that it is a digital communication protocol, which means that it provides much more information about connected devices than traditional analog systems. This information includes the device's identity, status, and diagnostic information, which can be used for predictive maintenance, fault detection, and other applications. IO-Link operates over a standard three-wire connection, with one wire for communication and two wires for power. It can operate at speeds of up to 38.4 kbps over distances of up to 20 meters, depending on the specific implementation. IO-Link devices are typically connected to an IO-Link master, which acts as a gateway between the devices and the control system. IO-Link has become increasingly popular in industrial automation applications due to its ease of use, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and can be easily integrated into existing systems, making it an attractive option for many manufacturers and system integrators.
Touch HMI, Crouzet EM4 ethernet nano-plc and Crouzet millemium logic controller

Logic Controllers & Nano PLC

A logic controller is a programmable module which is used to control small automation systems or installations. It is an electronic device which combines all of Crouzet's expertise.
Crouzet 3-phase voltage monitoring relay

Monitoring Relays

A control relay is an electronic device which can be used to detect and monitor physical or electrical values such as current, voltage, phase sequence, level, etc. The control relay ensures total availability of equipment, a major challenge for industries keen to improve their productivity and operating profits. It is one of the indispensable monitoring components for ensuring continuity of service of each installation.<br />If a fault is detected, the machine is not allowed to run and the user is informed of the abnormality by a visual signal. After being alerted, the user can then correct the malfunction. This avoids expensive breakdowns, that lead to product delays and loss of profitability.<br /> <ul><li>Positive logic output to protect installations in the event of a power failure. <li>True RMS guaranteed regardless of interference on the electrical supply. <li>Self powered three phase products. <li>Supply voltage from 24 to 240 V in single unit for optimised stock.</li></ul>
Conta-Clip Panel Mount feed-through terminals SDK 4 -16 mm²

Panel Feed-Through Terminals

Conta-Clip provide a of range panel feed-though terminals designed to give a robust connection on the external side of an enclosure or housing. These can also be used in applications where components need to be encapsulated and are available with solder or screw terminal connection on the equipment side and screw terminals on the user side. The modular design makes it easy to build up the required layout with working voltages of up to 1000V at 101 Amps.
Lumel N30U panel meter

Panel Meters

Lumel digital panel meters can measure and display voltage, current, power and temperature with the option of RS485 and analogue outputs. Meters can be easily programmed using free Econ software. The analogue meters are available in a wide range of sizes and measuring inputs.

Panel mount USB/RJ45 sockets

USB and RJ45 panel sockets / connectors from Lutze come in rugged housing ideal for industrial and outdoor environments. The sockets are rated at IP65 and include a protective cap. Designed for mounting in a cabinet or distribution box, allowing you to quickly plug your devices in. Available as USB 3.0 or RJ45 CAT 6A for the best network speeds and transfer rates. The connectors contacts are constructed from bronze copper-tin alloy and gold plated to excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Suitable for front installation.
Fixed PCB conectors on a PCB board

PCB Connectors

Conta-Clip have a range of high-quality PCB connectors all manufactured with polyamide 6.6 UL94-V0 housings with galvanised and passivated metal parts. The metal terminal block pins are machined (turned pin), not soldered, therefore more robust than lower cost products on the market. The use of high-quality slotted screws gives further piece of mind that the terminal block will not be the weakest part of the system. The range includes fixed PCB mounted terminals and pluggable options from 2.5/2.54mm to 10/10.16mm pitch. Types of wire clamping connection include: - <ul style="list-style-type: disc;"><li>Wire protection <li>Strain relief clamp <li>Eccentric top <li>Tension spring <li>Leg spring</li></ul> <p><strong>Important Notice: We are experiencing supply delays for PCB terminal blocks from the CONTA-CON product range.</br>These supply bottlenecks are not a problem specific to CONTA-CLIP; there are likely to be experienced worldwide for PCB terminals.</br>We intend to give priority to our existing customers but please bear with us as stock could be delayed.</br>For any new enquiries/orders, please check with us before you make any commitments regarding orders and expected delivery dates!</strong></p>
SBVA Conta-Clip power distribution blocks in various sizes

Power Distribution Blocks

Teknomega power distribution blocks allow a large main conductor to be distributed into multiple smaller connections where space is at a premium. The brass earthing and neutral terminal bars come in various sizes and include galvanized steel screws. Conta-Clip stud terminals can be used to terminate cables up to 300mm². A range of cross connecting bars and gull-wing covers are available for added protection.
Legrand power protection devices

Power & Surge Protection

Group of Puls power supplies of varying sizes and variants

Power Supplies

We offer a complete range of power supplies, redundant systems, DC-UPS and a number of specially adapted units for e.g. Explosive environment (ATEX) or NEC class 2 circuits from our manufacturer PULS. Power supply for 110 V DC input voltage with current capacity from 0.6 A up to 20 A (24 V DC).
Kubler Codix process display

Process Displays

Baco pushbutton, contact block and clip assembled

Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights

Complete range of IP69K rated pushbuttons, mushroom heads & selector switches. Contact and LED blocks simply snap onto mounting clips and are available with screw or screwless terminals. One piece pilot lights have integral LED and offer a high performance solution with reduced behind panel depth and up to 100,000 hours lifetime. Wide range of control stations and accessories available, plus options for customised markings and legend plates.
A range of relays and contactors in various sizes and variants

Relays & Contactors

The electromechanical relay is the most frequently used switching element world-wide. Current relays are electromechanical masterpieces of the highest precision and accomplish a wide range of tasks in all conceivable industrial areas in different versions.
Tosibox Lock 150 remote management system

Remote Management

Remote Management is a turnkey solution designed for end user and facility managers to monitor and control their industrial assets online and thereby allowing them to make better operational decisions faster.
Lumel analogue output converter

RS-485 Converters

Auer range of signal towers in various colours sizes and formations

Signal Towers

The Auer Ø70 mm PC7 range allows up to 7 positions which can include multifunction, multicolour light modules and multi-tone sounders. The advanced lens design with the latest technology LEDs makes it one of the brightest on the market. The cost effective Ø50 mm CT5 allows up to 5 positions and is ideally suited for simple 24V DC applications.
Lumel transducers mounted on DIN rail

Signal Transducers & Separators

Lutze converters reliably convert, amplify and separate all standard signals. They also have an extremely low heat dissipation, power loss factor and 3-way galvanic isolation in a compact housing. Transducers from Lumel offer a wide range of capabilities and come with free, easy to use software. Standard DC signals, AC & DC power, temperature, resistance or speed can be converted to suit the application.
three variations of conta-Clips gsm-pro2 reporting modules, phone showing Conta-Clip app

SMS Reporting Modules

Conta-Clip and ComatReleco offer a wide range of SMS Reporting modules that can be used as a stand alone solutiuon or retro fitted on to existing application. Features include: Email, & SMS messaging, logging, remote configuration and dashboard portals.
Two DIN rail mount solid state relay, Sensata Crydom Nova22

Solid State Relays

The semiconductor technology allows for the development of solid state relays, which, in contrast to electromechanical relays, do not contain any moving parts. The switching is purely electronic and therefore free of wear. Solid state relays are increasingly replacing electromechanical relays in certain industrial sectors. This is especially the case for applications with a high number of switching cycles and high switching frequencies or for applications, where very rare yet very reliable switching is required.
Auer cubic sounder red

Sounders and Buzzers

Low voltage insulators from Teknomega, 2 support insulators and 2 spacing columns

Support Insulators and Columns

Switch Disconnectors

West temperature controller

Temperature Controllers

Single loop controllers are cost effective and easy to use devices used in temperature and other processes to control one specific variable. From basic devices with core functions, to those with advanced features, a range of single loop controllers are available to ensure precise control for demanding applications. Controllers have a high visibility display for increased clarity that enables vital process information and alarm messages to be viewed at a glance. These features allow the single loop controller to control process variables in a wide variety of applications that include industrial and lab ovens, sealers, kilns, food processing, extruder barrel heating, and heat presses, to name a few. West Control Solutions offers an expansive line of products from its leading brands, CAL, PMA and West. The range includes digital controllers available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 14 DIN sizes and offers products with varying degrees of functionality from basic to sophisticated.
Conta-clip pressure spring terminals in various sizes/colours mounted on DIN rail with markers and other accessories


Lumel RP3 three phase power controller

Thyristor & Power Controllers

Legrand AlphaRex time switch

Time Switches

A range of timer relays from Crouzet

Timer Relays

A timer is a simple automation component which is used to manage actions over a period of time or control how long actions last. A timer is a control device which triggers an action according to a time and a function. After a predefined time has elapsed, a timer closes or opens one or more contacts. Timing cycles, whether single shot or repetitive, are started by latching inputs or pulsed inputs, allowing a wide variety of functions to be created. Timers are found in electrical cabinets associated with automation. Some of the example market are food industry, lighting, building equipment, HVAC, small and large industrial machines. <ul> <li>Available in mono- or multi-function versions to meet the specific needs of each application. <li>A timing range of up to 9,999 h to cope with prolonged processing operations. <li>A range of supply voltages from 12 to 240 V in a single unit for optimised stock. <li>Recognised quality and reliability ensures the correct operation of equipment</li> </ul>
Conta-Clip Crimping & Stripping Stripfix, PZD, PZU, PZI, PZ RG, PZN



Conta-clip TKS transformer terminals

Transformer Terminals

Conta-clip transformer terminals are designed to be directly mounted to a core/bobbin that has integrated receptacles. Available in traditional Screw or Push-In technology. They can also be mounted on aluminium 10x2 DIN rails. They are used for converting coil ends to screw-/spade connections, for connecting to the device being powered or to parts of the facility. The TKS range is unique, as the cover can be clipped back to the top of the terminal, so helps prevent accidental melting of the cover when soldering the wire to the hook. All TKS transformer terminals feature the proven clamping yoke system which guarantees a vibration-resistant connection. Touch safety in compliance with VBG 4 is ensured because of the closed housing design (material is polyamide PA 6.6 UL 94-V0).   The range includes 1-, 2 & 3 pole variants suitable for 4mm & 10mm cables.  The standard colours are orange and grey, The PTKS range has push-in technology and are cross connectable, they have been designed so they can be used on an automated production line., speeding up manufacturing and reducing costs.   There are also a range of matching 4mm fuse terminals that can be selected. The PMC SB 7,5 quick marking system is used for labelling the transformer terminals.  A large range of pre-marked makers are held in stock.   The previous TK range is still available and can be clipped together using the dove tail moulding, allowing a custom number of poles in one strip.


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