Introducing the Panel team - your ultimate partner for premium quality electrical components that are designed to enhance the functionality of your control panels. Whether you operate in manufacturing, automotive, or any other industry, our innovative products can help you achieve indirect cost savings by providing greater efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

Our products are meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials, resulting in compact and energy-efficient components that are easy to install and maintain. With our unparalleled dedication to quality and performance, you can be confident that our products will outlast and outperform many of our competitors.

We work closely with our specialised manufacturing partners to ensure that our products are tailored to your specific needs, with the highest levels of suitability and performance. With our competitive product offer, you can trust us to deliver exceptional value for your investment.

Experience the Panel difference today and explore our wide range of premium quality electrical components for your control panels.

Industrilas locking solutions: handles, latches and hinges

Access hardware and seals

Auer R series red beacon


Auer E series beacon with sounder, in orange/amber with black base

Beacons with Sounders

SPS Ultraflexx busbars in different sizes


<div class="row"><div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-8"><div class="row"><div class="col-xs-12"> <p>Two metals are currently used as conductors in electrical panel boards: copper and aluminium. In particular, when needing to define the power distribution inside an electrical panel board, people mainly choose to use drawn bars, using both the above-mentioned metals. In configuring a bar distribution system, it is important to consider some electrical and mechanical parameters such as those listed below:</br> <strong>Electrical parameters:</strong> rated intensity value to carry based on the conductor cross-section and number, and the resulting voltage loss. </br> <strong>Mechanical parameters:</strong> bar size and number, based on the panel board dimensions and on their mechanical resistance. </br> Other factors to consider which might limit the passage of current through the selected conductors are linked to the working temperature of the conductor and to its capability to dissipate heat. In electricity, there is also a phenomenon called "skin effect" which determines the concentration of current on the conductor’s surface. The best conductor is therefore a flat one such as drawn bars in which the bar length and thickness ratio is the highest possible. </br> E.g. for the same cross-section and working temperature, a 100 x 5 mm bar carries 1.431 A, whereas the same cross-section, with 50 x 10 mm bar carries 1.129 A.</p></div></div></div><div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-4"><img src="" class="img-responsive" alt="" width="100%" height="400"></div></div>
Conta-Clip KDS-Click products, cable entry system solutions

Cable Entry Systems

<p>Cable entry systems are becoming more advanced as requirements are changing within the automation and machine market.</br> The need for bringing pre-assembled cables is more common, so traditional glands cannot be used.</br> Conta-Clip have developed a large range of cable entry systems that can accommodate single cables or multiple cables in a small footprint. They consist of only 3 parts and are quick and easy to assemble.</br> The KDS range use common split inserts allowing round or flat cables, tubes &amp; pipes to be fed into an enclosure without the need to remove the connectors.</br> For cables without connectors, the KES range enables a large amount of cables of various size to be fed into an enclosure in a compact, low profile single piece assembly. Using the KES system takes up far less enclosure space than using normal glands.</br> The KDS and KES range are IP66 as standard &amp; Ecolab approved, so ideal for washdown environments.</p>
A range of Conta-Clip cable ferrules in various colours, sizes and arrnged in a circle

Cable Ferrules

AGRO cable gland powerconnect range

Cable Glands

Conta-Clip cable lugs, uninsulated RKS in various sizes

Cable Lugs & Crimps

Cable sleeve markers on a set of cables

Cable Markers

Z+F evocrimp cable preparation machine

Cable Preparation

SABK cable shield clip from Conta-Clip on an orange cable

Cable Shield Clips

Conta-Clip cable trunking with cables running through

Cable Trunking

Baco mini-cam switch 10A


Plastic protective conduits from Flexa

Conduits & Cable Protection

Kubler LED pulse counter codix 52C


Current transformer busbar series lumel

Current Transformers (CT's) and Shunts

Lumel KD8 screen recorder

Data Recorders

DC Circuit Protection

Conta-clip diode module

Diode and Component Modules

Stego filter fan FPI/FPO

Enclosure Cooling

PCT electric heating unit, Stego convection heater

Enclosure Heating

two Stego LED Varioline enclosure lights, one with socket, one without

Enclosure Lighting and Sockets

Ensto cube plastic enclosure with clear lid


Lumel 3-phase network meter

Energy Meters and Analysers

CREX020 Hazardous area heater with EX-logo


Fuse and fuse holders

Touch HMI from Crouzet


Conta-Clip black hygienic door handle mounted on a door handle

Hygienic Door Handle

Industrial Connector from Walther

Industrial Connectors

Conta-clip interface break out module

Interface Break Out Modules


Touch HMI, Crouzet EM4 ethernet nano-plc and Crouzet millemium logic controller

Logic Controllers & Nano PLC

Crouzet 3-phase voltage monitoring relay

Monitoring Relays

Conta-Clip Panel Mount feed-through terminals SDK 4 -16 mm²

Panel Feed-Through Terminals

Lumel N30U panel meter

Panel Meters

Panel mount USB/RJ45 sockets

Fixed PCB conectors on a PCB board

PCB Connectors

SBVA Conta-Clip power distribution blocks in various sizes

Power Distribution Blocks

Power Meters and Analysers

Legrand power protection devices

Power & Surge Protection

Group of Puls power supplies of varying sizes and variants

Power Supplies

We offer a complete range of power supplies, redundant systems, DC-UPS and a number of specially adapted units for e.g. Explosive environment (ATEX) or NEC class 2 circuits from our manufacturer PULS. Power supply for 110 V DC input voltage with current capacity from 0.6 A up to 20 A (24 V DC).
Kubler Codix process display

Process Displays

Baco pushbutton, contact block and clip assembled

Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights

A range of relays and contactors in various sizes and variants

Relays & Contactors

Tosibox Lock 150 remote management system

Remote Management

Lumel analogue output converter

RS-485 Converters

Auer range of signal towers in various colours sizes and formations

Signal Towers

Lumel transducers mounted on DIN rail

Signal Transducers & Separators

three variations of conta-Clips gsm-pro2 reporting modules, phone showing Conta-Clip app

SMS Reporting Modules

Two DIN rail mount solid state relay, Sensata Crydom Nova22

Solid State Relays

Auer cubic sounder red

Sounders and Buzzers

Low voltage insulators from Teknomega, 2 support insulators and 2 spacing columns

Support Insulators and Columns

Switch Disconnectors

West temperature controller

Temperature Controllers

Conta-clip pressure spring terminals in various sizes/colours mounted on DIN rail with markers and other accessories


Lumel RP3 three phase power controller

Thyristor & Power Controllers

Legrand AlphaRex time switch

Time Switches

A range of timer relays from Crouzet

Timer Relays

Conta-Clip Crimping & Stripping Stripfix, PZD, PZU, PZI, PZ RG, PZN



Conta-clip TKS transformer terminals

Transformer Terminals


Push In Technology such as push-in terminals, push-in sockets, and even push-in heaters.

The Push In Technology You Need at OEM Automatic

OEM Automatic has integrated push-in technology into it's product offering for many years now. In this blog post, we'll explore the various benefits of push-in technology and some of the products we offer that make use of this innovation, such as push-in terminals, push-in sockets, and even push-in heaters.

Kubler encoders and process displays

Combine Encoders and Process Displays with Kubler

We present Kublers ultimate package: Encoders and Process Displays, which can be used together to create efficient processes.

Visit OEM and AGRO at Vehicle Electrification Expo
Company news

Join us at Vehicle Electrification Expo in Birmingham

OEM Automatic is thrilled to announce its participation in the UK's largest dedicated event for electric and hybrid vehicles - the Vehicle Electrification Expo! We will be exhibiting with our supplier, Agro, to showcase EV EMC cable gland solutions for sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Find us on stand 921 with Agro.

11 questions to get the right signalling device with Auer Signal & OEM Automatic

11 questions to get the right signalling device – a whitepaper

Do you require signalling devices and beacons in your production process? Download our latest whitepaper!

Comat Releco power relays for LED lighting CHI14, CHI34

ComatReleco power relays for LED lighting

Comat Releco power relays for high inrush currents, are ideal for LED lighting, where inrush current can be 250 times the rated current. Find out why here!

Process packaging automation components

Process and packaging automation components at OEM

Automated machinery in the process and packaging industries is constantly developing. Find out how we can help to automate process and packaging machinery at OEM.

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