Choosing the right LED machine vision illumination is crucial in designing a vision system and can aid your inspection without the need for additional post processing. There are a several considerations when deciding which type of lighting is right.
There are a number of areas you need to think about in order to determine what type of illumination is the best solution for your application:

  • Line speed of your application?
  • Field of view which requires LED vision lighting?
  • Monochrome or colour application?
  • Surface of the object & reflectivity, shape, structure and colour?
  • Which areas require highlighting?
  • What are the mechanical and environmental requirements?

If you have an application that you need help with just contact a member of our team. With our stocked lab and by working closely with Basler, Advanced Illumination and EffiLUX we can help you with any application.
Basler back lights 2 sizes

Back Lights

Back Lighting provides an area of uniform illumination which when oriented behind the object of interest it can be used to create a part silhouette of instant contrast between dark and light. It is most useful for edge detection, part location/orientation or presence/absence, hole detection and object gauging.
Basler bar lights 3 sizes

Bar Lights

Bar Lights, also known as Linear Array Lights, offer both bright field and dark field illumination, depending on angle of incidence with respect to the object of interest. Because of the variety of lengths available, bar lights are useful for large area illumination when used in opposing pairs or in a picture frame mounting orientation.
Advanced Illumination coaxial lights


Coaxial Lights provide a type of diffuse illumination, generated from an internal source. The light is then deflected downward onto the imaging plane via a 50% beamsplitter, which also allows light from the object to be collected by the camera above.
Advanced Illumination general purpose diffuse light

Flat and Dome Lights

Dome Lights provide diffuse lighting, also known as “cloudy-day illumination”. Reflected light provides non-directional, soft illumination that is free of shadowing. This effect is well suited for inspecting highly specular, and curved objects, but at close working distances.
Basler flood light 255mm white

Flood Lights

Advanced Illumination line scan LED light

Line Scan Lights

Line Lights, as opposed to linear array bar lights, employ a secondary lens to focus the light into a narrow beam, typically for short to intermediate working distances, and are mostly used in conjunction with line scan cameras. Line lights are typically mounted in a medium to high angle bright field orientation, but may also be mounted in medium angle dark field.
Basler ring lights 3 sizes

Ring Lights (Bright Field)

Bright Field Ring Lights provide illumination directly onto an object, at angles of above 45 degrees from horizontal, creating distinct shadows or general purpose illumination depending on subjects features.
Advanced Illumination dark field ring light

Ring Lights (Dark Field)

Dark Field Lights provide illumination that is projected at a shallow angle to the imaging surface, 45 degrees or less. Typical applications include reflective flat surface defect or edge detection, where the majority of the light may reflect away from the camera on the flat, featureless surface but defects may scatter the light to the camera, creating feature appropriate contrast.
Advanced Illumination spot light

Spot Lights

Spot Lights are typically characterized as general-purpose illuminators. The EFFI Spot is a great modular solution or the all in one Euro Brights are easy to intergate and control both area great choice. They may be used to create both bright field and dark field effects, depending on the light angle of incidence.
Advanced Illumination controller for led lights

Illumination Accessories

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