Simplex Motion

Simplex Motion is an innovative motion control manufacturer located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company has developed a range of integrated, highly efficient, out runner-design servomotors, also known as outer rotor motors, which offer outstanding power density - torque/weight ratio. 

In addition, they produce a range of brushless DC motors for speed control applications that do not require positional feedback - these have integrated electronics and can operate as stand-alone, plug-and-play devices, with a built-in driver and multiple I/O's.

Simplex Motion was initially founded around a patented sensor design, replacing the traditional encoder solution with a new technology that provides up to 16,384ppr, with super-smooth running and precise control.

Key Features of Simplex Motion all-in-one servomotors

  • Brushless electric motor with outer rotor design 
  • Highly accurate positional feedback sensor
  • Motion controller DSP
  • Motor drive power electronics
  • Programmable digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • Communication interface for system integration
  • Compact design with no extra housing keeps weight and size down
  • No moving parts with exception of motor rotor

Collectively these features combine to make Simplex Motion servomotors compact, flexible stand-alone solutions for a wide range of mechatronic applications that are cost-effective to deploy

Typical Applications

  • Access control
  • Robots
  • Scientific and medical
  • Special purpose machines
  • Packaging / Printing machinery
  • Conveyors / material handling
  • General automation

Examples of products

Brushless motors
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