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EFFILUX designs and manufactures powerful technical LED lighting systems for machine vision, quality control, scientific imaging, biomedical and any optical measuring device.

Machine vision LED lighting designed to be easy to adapt in the field and is a highly robust in design. EFFILUX are revolutionising the machine vision lighting field with their interchangeable lens and filter solutions.

Bar lights

The LED bar allows a directional lighting for many machine vision applications. It produces a strong enough contrast for the camera to work optimally and thus increase productivity.

Back lights

The backlight sources are placed behind the part to highlight their figure into "shadow". These lightings offer a very homogeneous, uniform and diffuse light, avoiding the reflections generated by the incidence of light rays on parts to control.

Flat dome lights

By using a dome, the light beams are reflected by the entire inner surface of the dome before reaching the object. We can then illuminate reflective or curved surfaces that would produce an excessive brightness if illuminated directly.

Ring lights

In machine vision, a ring is a LED crown fixed around the camera lens, which produces a darkfielddiffused or directional lighting.

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