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TopWorx is a world leading manufacturer of discrete valves, controllers and position sensing technology for the petrochemical, oil & gas, chemical and power industries. It is part of Emerson Electric Co. 

Using TopWorx’ predictive maintenance, operations at plants, platforms and pipelines can be managed and controlled in an intelligent and efficient way in demanding and extreme conditions.

TopWorx’ innovation and development in wireless technologies includes DeviceNet, As-Interface, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus and HART.

The TopWorx switchbox range includes the D-Series DXP, DXR & DXS series valve controllers to meet different requirements. Protection is offered from Zone 0 (Intrinsically Safe) through to Zone 2 (Hazardous Areas) and in temperatures from -50°C to 204°C . The switchbox is available in three different materials to suit different requirements: composite resin, aluminium and 316L stainless steel. 

What makes TopWorx stand out? 

TopWorx’ predictive maintenance solutions are flexible and reliable. The risk and cost of unscheduled downtime is reduced in critical applications, thus increasing profitability.

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