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Co-Ax Valves UK is part of the Muller Co-Ax AG Group, the company which first developed the coaxial valve.

Its product range ranges from simple switching valves through application-specific special valves to complete modules. 

Coaxial valves from Co-Ax Valves have many advantages:

  • Pressure balanced design/operating from 0 bar, coaxial valves require no minimum pressure differential in order to function
  • Back pressure tightness – when the valve is closed, the pressure at the outlet side can be higher without any leakage
  • Maintenance-free and resistant to dirt – the unique design minimises wear on the valve seat even with extremely contaminated media, lasting up to 10 times longer
  • Fast actuation – coaxial valves are some of the fastest operating valves due to their pressure balanced design
  • Bi-directional operation – there is no need for multiple valves as the coaxial valve design allows the medium to flow in both directions
  • Compact size – the design of the valve eliminates the need for multiple actuators.

The valves are offered in 2/2 way and 3/2 way, normally closed or normally open configurations, with various options of threaded ports and flanges. There are direct acting valves to 500 bar operation and externally controlled valves to 500 bar operation. Position switches can be fitted to the valves. ATEX compliant option valves are available for use in Zone 1 environments (with switches).

SIL2 is standard on the whole valve range with SIL3 available on request on certain model types. The coaxial valves are available in manifold options for neat compact solutions, eliminating unnecessary pipework. Flow control and pressure control options, latching valves and cryogenic options are also all available.

What makes Co-Ax Valves stand out?

Co-Ax Valves are at the forefront of valve technology, supplying systems which have the highest demands placed on them. They emphasise quality without making compromises.
Valves for maximum performance can be tailored to customers’ requirements from a huge range of options, using a wide selection of orifice sizes, port connections, seal and seat configurations.

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