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The Panasonic brand of induction and brushless motors has been towards the forefront of their technology for many years.

Sadly, 2023 brings the last year of their production, with Panasonic removing the products from the world market, offering no alternatives.

At OEM Automatic, we recognise the importance of continued supply with minimal change that our customers need, therefore as of mid 2023, we became a proud partner to Oriental Motor Company of Japan. 

As world number one for the induction motor, Oriental Motors are a direct fit in most cases and we can continue supply the majority of Panasonic customers and applications.

Alongside the induction and brushless motors, Oriental Motor are the worlds largest stepper motor producer, together with many other exciting products for linear movement, pick and place and indexing.

We will continue to support Panasonic for existing customers whilst our stock level allows, however for all new enquiries and customer projects, now is the time to move to Oriental.

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