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Knowhow developed in RICOH’s camera operations has been put to good use in creating its high-quality lenses.

For each resolution level VGA, 2MP, 5MP and 9MP (12MP 1.1”), the RICOH FL series provides an extensive line of high-performance lenses with different focal lengths and for different sensor sizes.

RICOH lenses have excellent optical characteristics even at the periphery, despite the problems with resolution, contrast, distortion and vignetting that some other lenses suffer from

Examples of products

diagram showing the viewing angle of Ricoh lenses compared to standard lenses

The use of the floating mechanism in their focusing systems allows them to capture low-distortion, high resolution images at all distances, from infinity right down to their minimum object distance, demonstrating maximum performance at any magnification.

In addition to the commonly used working distances between 250 and 400mm, this range of lenses can be used for new applications such as research, security and traffic monitoring by maintaining high performance even at near and far working distances.

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