ESI Technology Ltd
ESI Technology manufacture pressure transducers and pressure transmitters for various applications including aerospace, military, industrial and off-shore. 
Silicon-on-Sapphire technology developed by ESI gives superior performance combined with a titanium diaphragm and all titanium wetted parts which provides excellent physical and chemical resistance properties. ESI concentrate solely on pressure related products such as low pressure (50mbar) to high pressure (4,000 bar) transducers and transmitters, differential pressure sensors and submersible/hydrostatic level sensors. 

Examples of products

Hydrogen Pressure Sensors - GS4200H

Industrial Pressure Sensors - GS4000 & PR3100

General Pressure Sensors GS4200 - Up to 25 bar & up to 1500 bar

Digital Pressure Sensors - GS4200-USB

High Temperature Pressure Sensors - HI2200 & HI2300 and PR3860

High Pressure Sensors - HP1000

Low Pressure Sensors - LP1000

Atex Pressure Sensors - PR3110EX

Differential Pressure Sensors - PR3200 & PR3202

Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensors - PR3800 & PR3850

Hazardous Area Pressure Sensor - PR3900

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