Senseca is a German-based company specialising in the development and manufacturing of products in measurement technology for level monitoring, flow monitoring, temperature monitoring and liquid analysis. The product range includes, among other things, level sensors, level switches, flow sensors, flow indicators and products in liquid analysis. On January 1, 2024, GHM Group and the five companies Honsberg, Val.Co, Greisinger, Martens, and DeltaOHM merged to form the new company Senseca.

With years of experience and expertise in the field, establishing themselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced sensing instrumentation solutions tailored to their specific needs. Committed to excellence in technology, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

OEM Automatic is an authorised UK distributor of Senseca.

The product portfolio includes:

1. Temperature Sensors: Offering precise and accurate measurements for various applications, including industrial processes, HVAC systems, and environmental monitoring.

2. Pressure Sensors: From low-pressure applications to high-pressure environments, pressure sensors deliver reliable performance and exceptional durability.

3. Humidity Sensors: Designed to measure humidity levels with precision, for applications in climate control systems, agricultural monitoring, and moisture-sensitive environments.

4. Gas Sensors: Gas sensors provide real-time detection and monitoring of a wide range of gases, making them ideal for safety and environmental compliance in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive.

5. Flow Sensors: Whether for liquid or gas flow measurement, flow sensors offer unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness, enabling efficient process control and optimization.

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