CONTA-CLIP is a manufacturer of DIN Rail, PCB terminals, specialised Electronics and Cable Entry Systems based in Hovelhoff Germany.

The family-owned company was founded in 1977 and is a global player supplying innovative electrical connection products into a wide range of industries. 

CONTA-CLIP is continuing to evolve and improve the construction and features of their din rail terminals and can offer a wide range of connection systems to suit any application.

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DIN Rail Terminals

Conta-Clip have one of the largest ranges of din rail terminal connection systems. All ranges have a selection of single level, double-level, triple-level, pluggable, disconnect and fuse terminal options. This range of din rail terminals are available for TS35, TS32, TS15 din rail and direct mounting.

There are also many application specific variants including sensor blocks, test disconnect, power distribution, thermo-couple and initiator terminals.

PCB Terminals

Conta-Clip have a range of high-quality PCB connectors all manufactured with polyamide 6.6 UL94-V0 housings with galvanised and passivated metal parts. The range includes fixed PCB mounted terminals and pluggable options from 2.5/2.54mm to 10/10.16mm pitch.

Types of wire clamping connection include: -

  • Wire protection
  • Strain relief clamp
  • Eccentric top
  • Tension spring
  • Leg spring

SMS Reporting Modules

Conta-clip’s SMS Reporting Modules provide a 2G/3G/4G remote control and maintenance solution which allows you to monitor and control decentralized facilities. The data transmission takes place over a serial interface using the Modbus RTU protocol.

Cable Entry and management systems

Conta-Clip have developed a large range of cable entry systems that can accommodate single cables or multiple cables in a small footprint. The range consists of only 3 parts and are quick and easy to assemble, using common split inserts to allow for round or flat cables, tubes & pipes to be fed into an enclosure without the need to remove connectors.  

Conta-clip also provide a range of other cable management solutions:

  • Cable Ferrules: For terminating cable ends, The range includes insulated ferrules for single and dual cables, along with a range of non-insulated if required.
  • Cable lugs & Crimps: uninsulated cable lugs are ideal for terminating on to stud type terminals and for less demanding applications Conta-Clip also offer a range of standard Red, Blue and Yellow insulated crimps
  • Cable Markers: including, individual pre-printed markers, cable marker sleeves with printable inserts, ‘snap on’ cable markers, printable cable tied markers and self-adhesive ‘wrap around’ markers. 
  • Cable shield clips: Conta-Clip offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of practical, simple and quick to mount shielding clip products
  • Cable Trunking: featuring tight fitting covers to prevent slippage, which are easy to fit and remove and the fingers have pre-scored breakage points

Modular for preformed cables

Conta-Clip KDS-SR and KDSI cable entry systems, the ultimate solutions for reliable and efficient cable routing in your industrial applications. Both systems feature a modular design, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to your specific requirements. The KDS-SR system delivers secure and tight cable routing where cables can be routed from the inside of the enclosure, while the KDSI system offers added flexibility with cables fed in from the outside of the enclosure, when it is not possible to assemble from the inside. Both systems use standard industrial connector cut-outs and fixings. Both the KDS-SR and KDSI cable entry systems are built to last, with high-quality materials and robust construction that ensure long-lasting performance. Their IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings provide added protection against environmental factors, making them suitable for even the most demanding industrial environments. Upgrade your cable management game with the Conta-Clip KDS-SR and KDSI cable entry systems today and experience the difference in reliable and efficient cable routing.

Flat Cable

The KDS-FB cable entry system is designed to be used with flat cables commonly used in the forklift, crane and elevator industry.

Flange Plate

The KDS-FP flange plate provides a versatile cable entry system which is ideal for machine and panel builders that want the option to add more cable entries in the future without re-drilling the enclosures. This can remove the need to stock enclosures with different cut-outs.

Round Modular for preformed cables

Conta-Clip offer a wide range of round cable entry/glands that are ideal for pre-formed cables and hoses. These can be easliy used to replace conventional glands and can offer mulile entries for the same size cut out.

High density

Conta-Clip KES cable entry system are the ideal solution when feeding a lagre number non-terminated cables, pneumatic tubes and pipes into a small space

Cable Ferrules

Conta-Clip offer a wide range of cable ferrules, also known as Boot Lace ferrules, for terminating cables ends. There are many benefits for using cable ferrules on cables. <h4>Stray Strands</h4> The ferrule reduces the possibility of having stray strands of conductor that could easily cause a short circuit in neighbouring connections. Due to the construction of the ferrule, the strands are guided into pin, then when crimped the strands will no longer be able to separate. <h4>Repeatable Termination</h4> In applications where the cables could be removed and re-terminated, such as replacing components within a Panel, stranded cables can soon break down. This could lead into to the installer having to cut and strip the existing cable in a confined space. The cable ferrule protects the cable and makes it easier to re-insert in to the terminals. The range includes insulated ferrules for single and dual cables, along with a range of non-insulated if required. For easy recognition of the correct ferrule size to use for each cable, the insulated range are colour coded. There are 3 colour standards being used in industry, which all differ slightly: - <ul> <li>DIN <li>German <li>French</li> </ul>

Cable Lugs & Crimps

The cable lugs provided are meticulously engineered for fine-stranded round conductors, adhering to DIN EN 60228 Cl. 5 standards. Crafted from annealed copper (EN13600), these lugs offer optimal material and crimping properties, ensuring reliable and secure connections. Featuring a tin-plated surface, they are fortified against corrosion, extending their lifespan and reliability even in harsh environments. The inclusion of an inspection hole facilitates easy monitoring of conductor insertion, simplifying the installation process. With a keen eye on versatility and compatibility, these cable lugs are approved for use with high-temperature cables up to 180°C, meeting the rigorous standards of IEC 61238-1-1. They are suitable for class 5 tin-plated conductors, accommodating a wide range of fine-stranded round conductors from 0.75-4 mm². Furthermore, they are adaptable to multi-stranded round conductors up to 400 mm², as well as pre-rounded multi-stranded sector-shaped conductors, offering flexibility in various applications. The precise internal chamfer ensures effortless cable entry, enhancing the efficiency of installation processes. Alongside ferrules, Z+F offer UL Certified terminals (E333905 or E477752) which boast a UL94-V0 inflammableness classification and are RoHS compliant. Featuring polyvinyl chloride insulation, some are reinforced with a copper sleeve for added strength. Withstanding temperatures from -20°C to +75°C, they comply with ROHS directive 2011/65/EU, REACH regulation (EG) no. 1907/2006, and conflict minerals according to Sec. 1502 DFA, ensuring both safety and regulatory compliance.

Cable Markers

Conta clip offer a wide range of cable marking technologies to suit a wide range of requirements. The range includes individual pre-printed KBH markers and KH cable marker sleeves with printable inserts that slide over the unterminated cables. For greater flexibility Conta-Clip also off selection of ‘snap on’ cable markers that can be fitted without removing any cables. The KMC series can be custom printed on the EMS plotter or marked by hand. In addition, there are a large selection of printable markers that can be cable tied directly around the cable. The KHS, KKM and KMS can also be custom printed and are available in a variety of colours. For a combined cable tie with built in panel the KB cable markers are ideal for larger cables, pipes or hoses. To complete the family, the KKS are a self-adhesive polyester ‘wrap around’ marking system that can be marked by hand or with a thermal printer.

Cable Shield Clips

In the ever growing industry of process engineering and the use of sensitive equipment and PLC's, the need for a higher degree of interference protection is required for these systems. To ensure the best possible EMC protection the cable shielding and grounding is of the upmost importance. The connection point of the cable screen and the clip is a critical point and is required to be a low Ohm resistance and minimum inductive resistance. Conta-Clip offer one of the most comprehensive range of practical, simple and quick to mount shielding clip products on the market today

Cable Trunking

Conta-Clip now offer a wide range of cable trunking to complement their growing portfolio of Cable Management Systems. The cable trunking is suitable for many applications and has excellent dimensional stability. They feature tight fitting covers to prevent slippage, which are easy to fit and remove and the fingers have pre-scored breakage points providing a burr free opening.
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