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MORITEX is a leading global supplier of machine vision lens and lighting components and advanced imaging solutions. 

Their expertise in optics, lens, LED and fibre optic technologies support manufacturing and factory automation in all major markets. 

  • Telecentric Lens

For high contrast, very low distortion and hot spot reduction, this high performance optical design is easy to use.  

  • Bi-Telecentric Lens 

This high resolution design has 15 fields of view, and supports 8 different sensor sizes. It fits many cameras available on the market.

  • FA Lens 

This brings together Moritex’s CCTV lens, macro lens and line sensor lens. 

  • CompaVis®

CompaVis® uses a constant voltage control system so it can be controlled either by dedicated LED controllers or direct power supplies.


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Moritex lens for machine vision cameras
Moritex lens for machine vision cameras
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