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Sirai, based in Italy, are specialists in solenoid valves and related products which they have been manufacturing since the 1960s. Their comprehensive range of WRAS-approved solenoid valves has both standard and latching coil technology. 

Sirai was acquired by ASCO (now an Emerson brand) in 1998 so customers can now benefit from the combination of the two product ranges with extended choice and prices to suit most applications. 

Sirai produce a range of compact general purpose solenoid valves. They also produce valves which are used in specific roles within fluid control applications, including 2-way and 3-way valves, normally open and normally closed, depending on requirements.  

In a media isolation (dry) solenoid valve the fluid only comes into contact with the valve body and the separation lever/diaphragm. This means the fluid is protected from metallic contamination and from excessive temperature changes. 

Pinch solenoid valves can control fluids that are compatible with the tubing material. This  protects the fluid from all contamination and temperature changes.  

Sirai also produce a more compact range, the micro solenoid valves, which retains the reliability of the standard models and enables greater control over flow. 

The stainless steel solenoid valves in the range are suitable for use where corrosive materials are used. 

Sirai also produce a full range of solenoid coils available for next day delivery. 

What makes Sirai stand out? 

Sirai recognise the demands of the market and provide innovative solutions that are reliable and suit different industrial applications. 

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