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SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle are a German manufacturer of insulated, laminated busbars and flexible copper braids. SPS GmbH has an extensive technical knowledge and guarantees high flexibility, an excellent cost-benefit relation and first class quality. See for yourself the high standard of the SPS products.


Products from SPS:

  • Isoflexx® - laminated copper busbar
  • Ultraflexx® – braided copper busbar
  • Grounding braids
  • Bare and tinned flat copper braids
  • CoppAl®
  • Copper bars

The popular and successful of the laminated busbar series Isoflexx® ensure a perfect universal solution for any application, while the outstanding technical properties of the Ultraflexx® braided busbars continue to be growing in popularity. 

Many customers see the Ultraflexx® products as being among the most important innovations in the area of switchgear construction in recent years. The press welded connections of the grounding braids ensure durable ground connections with minimum impedance, negating the need for additional external lugs. 

SPS standard products comply with all the relevant international standards and are subject to constant quality control. SPS standard products are part and parcel of quality switchgear production - developed in the heart of Germany for the world market.

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