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TECHNOSOFT is a leading motion control technology company specialized in the development, design and manufacture of motion control products and custom motion systems. 

Intelligent Drives:

Compact, high power-density motion control programmable drives packed on a tiny area. Flexible, modular solutions: vertically or horizontally pluggable cards, open-frame PCBs that can be integrated onto the user’s motherboard, or protected by metal casings and provided with push on connectors. 

Intelligent Motors:

The iMOT line of intelligent motors – brushless / steppers – embed all basic motion control functions inside the motor itself, together with basic local digital and analog I/O signals. Cost effective, compact solutions with integrated intelligence for distributed motion control applications. 

TECHNOSOFT Motion Technology:

  • Compact and cost-effective motion solutions
  • Drives with embedded motion controller
  • Single or multi-axis operation (distributed intelligence)
  • Powerful trajectory generator with profiles, jogging, contouring
  • Extremely flexible and versatile motion control with high level motion language
  • Easy integration with C and LabVIEW libraries
  • Quick system set-up and diagnostic
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