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Katko is a Finnish family business specialising in safety switches, load break switches, fused switches and related accessories. Founded in 1938, and with more than 70 years of experience, our product selection is among the most extensive in the world. It includes special products for demanding operating environments and critical locations.

Katko manufacture all of their own safety switches, load break switches, fused switches and terminal blocks in their own production plants in Finland and Poland. A high level of automation is part of

Katko’s DNA that ensures a consistent quality level across their range. Katko’s flexible and adaptive production philosophy even facilitates the manufacture of smaller batches in a competitive manner and they can provide customers with more tailored products as per requirements.


Power Distribution

Switchboard and switchgear manufacturers appreciate Katko’s technician-friendly products and accessories, as well as the products’ reliability and usability. Whether for a residential apartment, a property or an industrial plant, Katko provides an extensive selection of safety and fused switches, cable connectors and terminal blocks for 400–690 V low voltage grids.

Clean Air

Katko provides an extensive selection of products suitable for demanding air conditioning from ORs to work safety for all industries. The UV protected plastics and aluminium enclosed switches can withstand demanding climate conditions and provide a reliable solution for applications ranging from air-based heat pumps to industrial cooling equipment.

Food Preparation

Katko’s KER range of enclosed switches can withstand pressurised water, steam and chemical detergents in locations that require a high level of hygiene. Katko’s selection provides you with a range of acid-proof products for most food and pharmaceutical industry applications.

Heavy Industry

Mechanical durability guides safety switch choice in heavy industry. Katko’s strength lies in an extensive selection that covers the needs of an entire plant from 10 to 1600 A. With Katko, you get products that are quick to install and modified to suit your requirements.

Hazardous Environments

Katko will switch electricity on and off in demanding and hazardous conditions as well. The selection includes products such as ATEX certified switches for dusty  environments, Rina and Lloyd’s classified products for the maritime industry, and high temperature resistant solutions complying with the EN 12101-3 standard.

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