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Located in Vienna, Austria, Auer Signal have been manufacturing high quality electronics products for over 100 years and now supply to over 70 countries around the globe.

Auer Signal is one of the leading manufacturers of signalling equipment, including beacons, beacons with sounders, sounders, signal towers, and EX rated signalling equipment. Designed, tested, and manufactured in Austria their range of devices offer the highest in quality, sound, brightness, and materials.  As all units are made in house, Auer Signal can also provide customised solutions, whether that be the colour of the light beacon or the plastic housing, even sounds and tones can be custom made to suit your requirements.

See Auer's PC7 Series signal tower in the video below: 


Beacons from Auer Signal are available in a variety of light types, flashing, strobe, continuous and multifunction. These signal lights can either be panel mounted, or surface mounted and with varying degrees of protection from IP40 to IP69. As well as a range of sizes and colours, to ensure the right beacon for almost any application. Beacons can also be customised, contact our panel team to find out more or enquire about a customised beacon: [email protected].

Signal towers

Auer Signal offer 2 types of signal towers: compact or modular. Modular towers are ideal when an application requires flexibility in the tower, compact towers are ideal for when the tower is needed to be ready-to-use pre-assembled. Tower lights are available in diameters range from 30mm to 70mm. 

The Auer Ø 70 mm PC7 range allows up to 7 positions which can include multifunction, multicolour light modules, and multi-tone sounders. The advanced lens design with the latest technology LEDs makes it one of the brightest on the market. The cost effective Ø 50 mm CT5 allows up to 5 positions and is ideally suited for simple 24V DC applications. 


Auer Signal’s provide a range of audible signalling devices suitable for many industries and applications. Sounders are available in panel mount or surface mount, with volumes up to 127db, in various sizes, shapes and colours with up to IP66 protection. The range of sounders also includes electric sirens as well as alarm horns.

Beacons with sounders

For applications that require both visual and audible signal, beacons with sounders mean you don’t have to buy and install 2 separate products. Auer have designed a range of audible/visual alarm devices that combine both requirements. These beacons with sounders benefit from volume up to 127dB and bright beacons with very good signalling effect up to IP66. 

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