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Ensto, established in 1958 is a family ran business, now international.

OEM Automatic Ltd stock and supply Ensto enclosures. Our product range covers thermoplastic, polyester, sheet steel and aluminium enclosures, along with all related accessories suitable for all environments. 

Why Ensto enclosures?

High quality and feature packed enclosures provide smart solutions for improved safety, functionality, and reliability.

These enclosures can be used in various industries such as smart grids, buildings, and transportation.

Customisation at Ensto

Ensto design and manufacture industrial enclosures in-house, which means we can offer full customisation for any range of Ensto enclosures. This can include anything from hole cut-outs, silk screening, custom plastic colours and fully populated systems. 

With customer specific customised enclosures, we can create a bespoke design and give technical and application advice on these enclosures. 

We can also offer integration services of third-party components.

Ensto Product Overview Catalogue

See how Ensto and OEM Automatic can help with customisation of enclosures: 

Cubo S

The Cubo S range contains small enclosures. Available from 75x125x35mm to 175x250x150mm. They come in 36 sizes, two base depths and 5 different cover heights. Cover and cover screws are equipped with sealing holes and has slots in the base for printed circuit board. 

cubo d

The Cubo D range includes medium sized enclosures from Ensto, they are sized according to the European norm, from 53x55x36mm to 230x300x111mm. The modern design with faceted corners and cover plugs makes for an aesthetically pleasing look. This also has slots in the base for printed circuit boards.

cubo o

The Cubo O size range is between 200x200x132mm and 400x600x187mm. This range is available with plain sides or metric knockouts. It has 7 base sizes, one base depth and one cover depth. You can add up to 5,55mm deep extension modules to make your enclosure as deep as 400mm

Cubo C

The Cubo C is sized in the same dimensions as the Cubo O, however the Cubo C is available with flange knockouts as standard. The same depth and dimensions are available but with any type of knockouts that you require as a standard enclosure.

Cubo W

The Cubo W is in the same size range as the Cubo O & C, however it is made for wall cabinet usage. They are preassembled with hinges and quick release latches as standard, and again with the same features and dimensions of the Cubo O.

Cubo N

This Ensto wall cabinet is made of glass fibre reinforced polyester and is extremely durable. This enclosure has a very high impact resistance. The Cubo N is a cost-effective polyester enclosure that is UV resistant, self-locked and halogen-free, and a very strong alternative to stainless steel enclosures.


These UL-listed PolyBox enclosures have been specifically designed for the US market.

PolyBox enclosures are rugged industrial polycarbonate enclosures with unique and innovative characteristics, such as the integral non-metallic latch and a corner elevator mounting system for adjustable hinged front kits and back panels. Robust and tightly sealed, the JIC sized enclosures are manufactured from a high standard of polycarbonate material.

A wide range of configurations are available and can be customised with multiple features

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