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RECHNER SENSORS was founded in 1965 and have moved into a leading position worldwide through dedication, product innovation and quality. This holds in particular for their special area of capacitive sensors, where they have played a major role in development and design. 

Many consider the name RECHNER as being synonymous with the capacitive sensor. This is a product that can be used in a great variety of settings and that is indispensable for today’s automation technology. The broad range of sensors RECHNER offers is clearly a key element of their success. 

This range includes capacitive, inductive, opto-electronic, calorimetric and magneto-resistive sensors. RECHNER SENSORS product range is complemented by a selection of ATEX approved sensors, ancillary equipment and transistor-based signal amplifiers, control units and power supplies. 

Products from RECHNER SENSORS:

  • Barrel capacitive sensors
  • Easy-mount capacitive sensors
  • High temperature and IP rating sensors

Examples of products

Capacitive Sensors
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