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Adaptive Vision

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Adaptive Vision is a leading developer and provider of graphical machine vision software, libraries, and tools for machine vision analysis. Creating effective and user-friendly technology for machine builders, vision system integrators and end-users.


A data-flow based software designed for machine vision engineers. It does not require any programming skills, but it is still so powerful that it can win even with solutions based on low-level programming libraries. And this has been proved with some of the most interesting vision systems in the world. What is more, the architecture is highly flexible, ensuring that users can easily adapt the product to the way they work and to specific requirements of any project.


  • Because you work much faster than with low-level programming
  • Because this is the most powerful graphical software on the market
  • Because you are getting everything you need for industrial image analysis – together with the highest performance and flexibility
  • Because the world is changing and new challenges require new approaches

Deep Learning add-on

The Deep Learning Add-on is a breakthrough technology for machine vision. It is a set of five ready-made tools which are trained with 20-50 sample images, and which then detect objects, defects or features automatically

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