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Founded in 1885, with 3000+ employees in 40 countries and 9 worldwide factories, Japan based Oriental Motor company is a manufacturer that specialises in automation and motion control systems. 

As a close partner to Oriental Motor, OEM Automatic bring you the products as indicated below (and in the document linked to the right), together with the technical advice, local support and stock profiles that our customers are accustomed to.

Starting with basic AC motors, through to Stepping, Servo and Brushless motors and now linear actuators with motion control drives and components, the Oriental Motor products are used in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Robotics.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Process and packaging machinery.
  • Printing and labelling machinery.
  • Medical equipment. 
  • Automotive assembly.

Products include

  • Induction motors and gearboxes
    • 6 to 90W output
    • Right angle gears available
    • IP67 version available
  • Brushless motors and drives
    • AC and DC powered options
    • Up to 400W output
    • Speed, torque and position control
  • Stepper motors
    • Open or closed loop
    • 2 or 5 phase
    • Available with absolute encoder for accurate positional control.
  • Electric linear and rotary actuators
    • Up to 850mm stroke
    • BUS protocols available
    • Absolute positioning

Examples of products

AC Induction motors:

With right angle gearbox

With inline gearbox

Brushless motors and drives

Stepper motors

Electric and rotary actuators

Oriental motor product guide 2023

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