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Founded in 1989, Servomech have been at the forefront of design and manufacture of acme and ball screw industrial linear actuators and screw jacks.

From their base in Bologna Italy, they produce industrially rated products with up to 40% better performance and efficiency than other manufacturers.

With two brand identities they offer solutions for different areas of industry. Linearmech actuators and servo motor driven actuators are designed and produced for light to medium loads within automated systems. The Servomech branded actuators and ball screws are generally heavier rated products suited for heavy industrial applications such as replacements for large hydraulic cylinders

Ball screw linear actuators are rated up to 100% duty cycle for continuous operation and standard products can be customised to suit individual requirements for the right application.

With linear actuators up to 150 kN and screw jacks up to 1000 kN of force, many applications can be covered with Servomech and Linearmech products.

Examples of products

Linear Actuators

Screw Jacks

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Servomech trademark products are linear actuators, screw jacks, ball screws and nuts, bevel gears designed and produced for medium to heavy industrial applications. Available in a wide range of sizes, with different designs and configurations, Servomech products are able to perform even high loads and high linear speeds. Successfully applied in several heavy mechanical applications and in the replacement of hydraulic cylinders.
Linearmech trademark products are linear actuators and electromechanical servo actuators designed and produced for medium and light industrial applications or for highly automated industrial applications. Different types of actuators, with different performance levels. Linearmech cylinders are successfully applied in industrial applications and automation, food industry, medical industry, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, marine applications, vehicle automation for disabled and in the replacement of pneumatic cylinders.
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