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Easing automation challenges

Datasensing is Datalogic’s Sensors, Safety, Machine Vision, and Micro Detectors range. Developing, manufacturing, and supplying 222 product lines with more than 22,500 standard and custom part numbers. 

Headquartered in Italy, Datasensing are committed to easing automation challenges, including machine vision deep learning software and innovating sensing solutions for the industrial automation market. 

OEM Automatic are a distributor/supplier for Datasensing in the UK and Ireland.

Machine Vision

The machine vision range from Datasensing includes a range of smart devices for in-line automated inspection and factory automation. The range includes smart cameras, industrial cameras, and industrial vision processors. 

Smart camaras are self contained vision inspection systems for easy integration.

The Datasensing range of GigE industrial digital cameras feature the latest CMOS imagers with resolutions from VGA up to 5MP.

Industrial vision processors enable multi-camera vision solutions.


Sensors are essential for presence detection, inspection or assembly, and for measuring dimensions, distance, or position, in the industrial automation industry. Datasensing supply a range of photoelectric, ultrasonic and inductive sensors.

Photoelectric sensors are available in many sizes, versions, and functionalities, for different detection applications from the smallest to the fastest moving objects, different surfaces, colour or even invisible fluorescent marks, as well as dimensions and distance measurement. 

Inductive sensors are designed specifically for metal parts detection at shorter distances, they are suitable for harsh environments as they are resistant to dust, liquids, oil, or grease.


Safety devices are essential in industrial automation for protecting operators in potentially hazardous areas, plants, or machinery. Datasensing can provide a range of safety devices, including safety lights curtains, safety laser scanners and LIDAR. 

Safety light curtains and barriers are photoelectric safety devices that provide protection from hazardous machinery and can monitor large areas. Infrared beams are transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver and when interrupted a dual output stop signal can stop machinery from operating. 

Safety laser scanners are suited for configurable protection and can even be used in dynamic applications such as robot cells and automated guided vehicles. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, safety laser scanners have a 275° viewing angle and can be combined to give full 360° protection of an area, with safety and warning zone functionality. 

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses time-of-flight infrared laser technology to construct a 360° view for the guidance of automated guided vehicles, laser guided vehicles and automated guided forklifts. Lidar can be mounted on suitable vehicles to provide laser-based navigation by providing distance and intensity measurement to the guidance systems.

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