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Inline measurement of the concentration of liquids output in °Brix, Plato, refractive or customer specific ranges.

With IRM-11 it is possible to measure dissolved particles in liquids with refractive index scales such as BRIX, Plato or other customer-specific devices. An LED light source radiates directly into the medium. The density of the liquid affects the speed of light and changes the refractive value.

Refraction = Refraction of light beam at the transition between two materials / media with different refractive index

The receiver section reads the temperature compensated refractive value and displays the value via a 4-20mA signal in the selected unit.


  • Compact front-flush simple inline integration
  • Fully automatic measurement in the desired intervals
  • Temperature compensated for precise results even with rapid changes
  • IRM-11 can avoid product losses by its permanent, constant measuring method
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